Is It Possible For A Psychopath To Fall In Love?

When you think of the word “psychopath”, there are probably a few things that come to mind. You might envision a guy who is in his early adulthood. He might have a certain cold and distant aura about him. And he might be someone who is completely remorseless to the point that he commits terrible and horrid acts without blinking an eye.

Even the profile of psychopathy that was developed by Jon Ronson dwells almost entirely on men who happen to be considered to have a psychopathic personality disorder. But is psychopathy really just gender-specific? Is it merely a man-issue? Is it true that psychopaths are people who are genuinely incapable of feeling strong emotions? Are psychopaths devoid of empathy and sensitivity? Do they have substantial difficulty with trying to relate to others?

Well, these are all very important and valid questions. And we’re going to try to answer a lot of those questions here. There are so many people out there who have undiagnosed psychopathy. And it’s very possible that some of these psychopaths can actually fall in love and get into relationships

First, you have to understand that psychopathy can take its shape in various forms. There are some people who take personality tests and then measure high in terms of psychopathic tendencies. And the more you try to understand the extent of a person’s psychopathy, the more you will be able to see how that trait actually seeps into various aspects of that individual’s personality and life.

There is substantial reason to believe that these kinds of psychopaths would have substantial difficulty in their romantic relationships. Based on the findings of Université Laval psychologist Claudia Savard in a 2015 scientific research project, criminals have a tendency to adopt an insecure attachment style of avoidance. This means that they find it really difficult to form intimate relationships with other people.

The individuals who fit the bill of having a psychopathic personality disorder, regardless of whether they engage in criminal behavior or not, happen to exhibit traits and behaviors that are closely related to avoidant attachment. They are virtually incapable of forming close and tight-knit relationships with the people they interact with.

Emotional detachment and a general lack of empathy are two clear signs that a person has a psychopathic personality disorder.

People who are substantially psychopathic are still able to form romantic relationships. However, this kind of relationship isn’t necessarily built on psychological intimacy in its purest sense. Rather, it’s a very toxic kind of intimacy. A couple may get into a relationship based on shared points of view or camaraderie. And these two people will try to make their relationship as mutually beneficial as possible.

However, the lack of empathy and inability to express deep feelings to other people on the part of the psychopath can actually result in violent tendencies. And ultimately, it will also end up in the inevitable dissolution of the entire relationship as a whole.

It’s still possible for a lot of these star-crossed lovers to somehow develop a kind of healthy dynamic within their relationship. But it’s going to take a lot of skill, patience, resilience, courage, and strength on the part of the one who is more emotionally and mentally sound. Over time, it is possible for these two individuals to still develop an intimate bond between the two of them that can closely resemble something that works.


If you happen to be a female who is in a relationship with a guy who has a tendency to be insensitive and callous, then you need to toughen up. He might truly be a psychopath and he isn’t going to make this relationship too easy for you at all. There are some rough times ahead for the two of you. And you will find yourself wanting to retreat more and more. But you can’t. You have to hold your ground.

Naturally, love is always going to be a challenge. But it becomes all the more challenging whenever psychopathy is involved. You are going to go through some very substantial difficulty and you have to try your best to make the most out of the situation. However, you also need to know your limits. If it gets to the point wherein that toxicity is actually compromising the quality of your life, then you need to separate yourself from that situation entirely.

That’s why it’s best that you really make an effort to read up more about psychopathy and what roles it can play in your relationship. The more aware you rare of psychopathic behavior, then the better equipped you will be to handle it when it shows up in your life. Knowledge is always your best defense when it comes to issues like these.

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