Is This Your First Christmas With Your Girlfriend? Read This.

Go ahead and find a Christmas tree that you can use to decorate your living room with. If she can, take her along with you to pick one out. If you happen to live near a snow area, then take her to the nearest clean patch of snow and make snow angels with her.

You get to go back to being an innocent child with an innocent love for the one person who makes your days so colorful. Do something romantic. Do something that taps into the heart of the inner child who still lives inside of you. When you’re done picking a Christmas tree, help her for tanking you with it.

Now, go ahead and ask her to actually help you decorate it as well. Do as much as possible to make her feel included and integral in your life. Show her that you can get things done on your own but you still want her to be there with you as well. And make sure that you put a lot of love into the tree that you will decorate as a couple.

Go out and head to the mall. Go shopping for gifts together. Ask her to help you pick out gifts for your mom, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, and co-workers. Always ask for her input. Make her feel like you genuinely value all of her contributions. Always make her feel like she’s more than just an accessory to you.

And when you’re out shopping, find a way to excuse yourself from being with her. Try to make it subtle so that she doesn’t act suspiciously. And when she says that you can go off on your own, try to find a gift for her. Find something that you know is going to bring a lot of happiness to her.

It doesn’t have to be anything too big or expensive. It’s only your first holidays together after all. You don’t want to be setting a bar too high as far as cost is concerned. But you definitely want to go all out when it comes to meaning and love. Show her that you are the type of person who puts a lot of thought and effort into a gift.

Show her that it’s more than just about the monetary value. Show her that she isn’t just something that you can buy with a big bank account.

Once you find a perfect gift, make sure that it is packaged exactly the way that she would want it. Show her that she’s worth the effort at all times. Show her that you have got great attention to detail right up to the packaging of her gift. And when it’s time to give it to her, let her guess. Play games with her.

Make it a fun affair. And make sure that you attach a card on it. It shouldn’t be the kind of cards with generic taglines that you can find in a store. Make sure that you write out the lines yourself. Put your feelings into words and let her feel all the love that you have to give this holiday season.

Go ahead and curl up on the couch for a lazy day and just watch Christmas movies on Netflix together. Go for all the classics like Home Alone, Love Actually, Elf, The Grinch, and all the other good stuff. And watch some bad ones too. Laugh at them. Have a good time. What matters is that you’re with each other and that you’re enjoying the company that you’re sharing together.

Plan out a really fancy Christmas dinner for the both of you. Do it when it’s JUST the two of you. So, if you have to do it on a non-Christmas day where family won’t be around to intrude, then go ahead. And dress up for this dinner.

It wouldn’t kill you to put on a tie and a nice blazer. Show her that she’s worth the effort, see the trend that’s going on here? It’s all about the effort. Make it a night to remember. Make sure that she feels like the most special girl in your life.

And when you’re done with your alone time. Spend different days with each of your families. Bring her to your family’s gatherings and make her feel welcome.

You have to make sure that she’s going to be able to fit in so seamlessly. It’s your job to make sure that she always knows that she never has to feel out of place so as long as you’re together.

And then you can spend time with her family. Make sure that you put an effort into getting them to like you. Make her feel that the important people in her life are going to be important to you as well. That’s how you can truly show her that you value her this holiday season.

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