10 Red Flags To Look Out For When You’re Just Starting To Date

Red flags. If they’re there, then you need to make sure that you are able to spot them out. When you’re first starting to date someone, it can be very easy to get overexcited about the prospect of finding something special with a person. And that’s okay. No one can blame you for getting excited. Love is an exciting thing after all.

However, in the midst of all your excitement, you shouldn’t be turning a blind eye to the things that most require your attention. You need to make sure that you are still staying vigilant. You want to open up your heart but that doesn’t mean that you just stop keeping it guarded. If you know that a guy that you’re dating is exhibiting some red flags, then you need to act fast.

In most cases, it would be nice to give him a slight chance and just stay guarded. But if he doesn’t change, then that’s when you really need to act. That’s when you need to just step out of the situation entirely. If you keep allowing yourself to stay in that relationship, you’re going to get more and more invested. And when everything inevitably gets really bad, it will be a lot harder for you to get out of it.

That’s why you always want to stay vigilant in the earlier aspects of a relationship. You’re not very invested yet and it’s a lot easier for you to distance yourself from this guy while things are still young and fresh. So, if you happen to notice that your man exhibits a lot of the signs that are listed here, then you seriously need reevaluate whether he’s really worth taking a chance on or not.

1. He turns up late for every date.

Big no-no. Being late once or twice might be find. But if he is consistently tardy, it just goes to show that he doesn’t have any respect for your time.

2. He always talks about his ex-girlfriend.

This might be a clear sign that he hasn’t gotten over his ex-girlfriend just yet. It might show that he still has some feelings for her and that’s why he can’t shut up about her. You don’t want to be with a guy who clearly has a lot of baggage.

3. He doesn’t really have any plans for his life.

He doesn’t really give you any indication that he has some sort of plan for his life. He always just seems like he’s coasting and going with the flow. He doesn’t show you any indication of direction or structure with the way he lives his life.

4. He expects you to pay a lot.

He is always turning to you to pick up the check. He’s treating you like you’re some kind of money tree. It might be a sign that he is not financially independent and that he turns to you for monetary support.

5. He doesn’t put any efforts to plan for dates.

He doesn’t really put in any effort when it comes to planning for your dates and such. It’s always you who is doing most of the heavy lifting. That might be a sign of indifference and disinterest on his part. These are things you would never want.

6. He says he’s not really ready for commitment.

This is a really big red flag because he is essentially giving you a disclaimer here. He is just telling you that he’s not ready to commit to you. And in his mind, that gives him permission to actually just bail out on you whenever he wants.

7. He waits too long to reply to your messages.

This is a very childish tactic that a lot of immature guys play to get girls to chase after them. And if he’s using this ploy on you, don’t bite. He’s clearly very immature and he’s certainly not ready to be in a stable relationship with you. He’s still caught up trying to play games.

8. He flirts with other girls.

Even if he’s dating you, he’s still flirting with other women. This is a very big red flag because it shows a blatant form of disrespect for you. And it also means that he’s still keeping his options open so that he can just replace you whenever.

9. He doesn’t make the time to see you so much.

He doesn’t really make any efforts to adjust his schedule or move his time around to accommodate you into his life. He doesn’t really try to see you outside of what is convenient for him. He always forces you to make the adjustments.

10. He is inconsistent with you.

Consistency is key if you’re really looking to get your relationship off to a good start. And if he can’t be consistent with you at the start, then it’s likely that he isn’t going to be consistent with you right when you get into the thick of things in your relationship.

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