12 Manipulative Things In Relationships Which You Are Mistaking For Love

Love is such a pure and beautiful experience that you share with another human being. However, it is also prone to being bastardized and tainted because of the cruelty of human nature. A lot of us can get lulled into a false sense of comfort with a person only to discover that we are being used and abused – and we never want that to happen to us. We never want to allow ourselves to fall in love with someone who is only going to manipulate and use us. We never want to get into a relationship with a sadistic and abusive individual. We always want to make sure that the people around us will treat us with respect and honesty.

However, just because we wish for the ideal to happen in our lives doesn’t always mean that that’s going to be the case. There are so many terrible people out there who we need to protect ourselves from. These are people who can worm their way into our lives without us noticing and wreak a lot of havoc. We have to make sure that we are keeping ourselves guarded by staying vigilant. We need to always stay on top of things – especially when we’re falling in love with someone.

Love has a way of blinding us to the things that we really need to see. And you can’t afford to be blind as you go into love. You can’t afford to be reckless. You need to have 20/20 vision. You need to see all the blind spots. You need to make sure that you are keeping yourself protected. So if you notice that your guy is exhibiting a lot of the things that are listed on here, then it’s highly likely that he’s manipulative and he doesn’t really love you.

1. He always texts you even when he knows you’re out with friends.

He doesn’t allow you to live a life without him. He knows that you’re out with your friends but he still feels compelled to be checking in on you every 30 minutes or so. He’s not doing this because he cares. He just wants to know you’re not up to anything shady because he can’t seem to trust you.

2. He can’t seem to function properly without you.

You might think that it’s sweet whenever he tells you that he needs you; that he can’t live life without you. But that is something terrible that you need to be taking more seriously. He should always be mature enough to be able to live a life of his own without you. If not, it shows that he’s immature and that he’s dependent.

3. He tells you that you’re his whole universe.

He makes you the center of his life – and that’s no good. He has to have other things going on in his life if he wants your relationship to survive. He’s putting too much pressure on you to be his only source of happiness in this world.

4. He tries to change you by telling you that he only wants what is best for you.

He will tell you that he only wants the best for you; but the truth is that he only wants the best for himself. And he’s going to try to change you to suit his needs better. But he will make you believe that it’s for your own good.

5. He buys you gifts that you don’t really need.

He’s doing this just to keep score. Sure, every once in a while, it’s nice to receive a gift from your man. But if he’s doing it all too often (and it becomes impractical), it’s probably only because he wants you to feel indebted to him. He wants to come off as generous so that you’ll give just as much back to him.

6. He always acts extra romantic right after you guys have an argument.

It’s his way of trying to calm you down when you fight. He does this instead of actually being mature enough to just come out and have a real adult argument with you. He’s trying to walk away from your argument by being super sweet and nice instead of doing the right thing and just having it out with you.

7. He gets mad at you for having other guy friends but he tells you it’s only because he’s protecting you.

He wants to be your whole world. He wants to be your entire social life. He doesn’t trust you around other men. He wants to be the only guy in your life because he doesn’t like to share you – as if you’re some kind of object.

8. He loses his mind when you cancel on him because he wants you to spend all of your time with him.

He is clingy. He is controlling. He doesn’t want you to have a life that exists beyond him and your relationship. He wants to own all of your time. He wants to have full control of your life. And it drives him crazy whenever he can’t force you to spend your time on him. He is very unreasonable like that.

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