Man Regrets Asking For Open Marriage When Bisexual Wife Starts Sleeping With Other Men

A man asked his bisexual wife to open their marriage to get his ‘needs’ met, but he regrets it now as she only sleeps with men and refuses to sleep with women.

On Reddit’s Relationship Advice platform, a 32-year-old man stated that he asked his bisexual wife if they should open their marriage to meet their needs. OP’s wife initially rejected his suggestion. However, with proper convincing, she agreed.

“After 5 years of marriage, I felt like she had given me all she had to offer. Now, please don’t judge me for saying that,” he wrote.

“She just had a very low sex drive and I have a higher one,” he continued. “I figured opening the relationship would help out marriage and help me get my needs met. She originally said no, but after I explained to her the benefits she said yes after a few days of asking. We seemed both excited at the possibility of a threesome.”

OP’s excitement turned into disappointment when his wife started sleeping with other men and even enjoying her new sexual flings. On the contrary, OP doesn’t seem to enjoy the new situation and wants her to sleep with women as well, which she refuses.

“Now where the problem lies is that my wife is bisexual, and yet the only people she’s been sleeping have been men. When asked about this, she said she only sleeps with people she clicks with, and they just happen to be men. When I told her my feelings about this she said it’s only fair because I’m sleeping with other women. While true, it makes me wonder if she’s truly bisexual,” he wrote.

He added that one of her wife’s new flings has started bringing her flowers and food and also pays for her nails, and OP doubts that he seriously wants to date his wife.

“When I asked for her to also sleep with women or I’d want to close the marriage again she rolled her eyes and said no. One of the guys I fear is trying to seriously date her. He brings her flowers and food, pays for her nails and never even acknowledges me when he’s over. I feel like she’s dismissing my feelings and I’m getting frustrated. I want to close our marriage again,” he concluded his post.

At the end of his post, the man asked fellow Redditors how he should approach the situation, and many people think he dug his own grave.

“HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAAH, I love it when karma hits hard. You don’t approach it. You opened this door, now you get to watch her walk through it,” one person commented.

“He really thought he was gonna have his cake and eat it too. I bet he’s been carrying around stereotypical fantasies of having a bisexual girlfriend. Now he’s mad his plan backfired in his face,” another wrote.

“What? Kind of like how you dismissed her feelings when you pushed her to open the relationship by guilting her about her low sex drive?? You can’t open a marriage then force your wife to sleep with women. Haha nice try,” a third wrote.

“You made your bed. Now lie in it.”

“Maybe her low sex drive was for you? Sounds like she is having a ball and collecting stash along the way,” someone wrote.

“Maybe you were the reason she had a low sex drive and now she found someone else who finds her exciting. You opened the marriage, you have to deal with the consequences,” added another.

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  1. Right he opened this door now he’s gotta deal maybe u weren’t enough to boost her sex drive I totally take the wife’s side in this it’s fault and now just because she won’t sleep with women he wants to close it one more thing if that’s all he wants why is he sleeping with other women just because she’s sleeping other men

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