Can I Get Pregnant by Sitting on My Boyfriend’s Lap?

No. Quite simple. Without copulation, there’s no pregnancy. This is one of the strangest questions asked on our site. But, as always, I answer every question with the same angst. Can you get pregnant by sitting on your boyfriend’s lap? You can’t. Unless there’s actual copulation taking place – the keyword here is copulation.

Reproduction is a biological process; it requires a few key elements to work. And when you sit on your boyfriend’s lap, that’s more of a friendly and warm gesture rather than coitus and reproduction. So, no, you can not get pregnant by merely sitting on your boyfriend’s lap. This isn’t magic; this is anatomy; this is biology; it’s human nature. It’s a beautiful process of multiplication, and it doesn’t just happen.

Can I get pregnant by sleeping with my boyfriend?

If you’re sleeping with your boyfriend and there’s no coitus involved, there’s no chance of pregnancy. Again, it’s a process; it’s not magic. If you’re cuddling with your boyfriend, having a warm and comfy nap next to him, no coitus or reproduction is going on, and there’s no pregnancy. Although, when you cuddle with your boyfriend, your body releases a lot of hormones that make you feel happy and warm. But still, not pregnant.

Since we’re on the subject, let’s follow up with a few more golden questions I’ve received:

Can I get pregnant by looking at my boyfriend?


Can I get pregnant by touching my boyfriend?


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