Prince Harry advises people to quit jobs they don’t like and gets a backlash

It wasn’t fun anymore for the Duke of Sussex to be part of one of the most influential families in the world. He’s now proud of people who don’t fear leaving their jobs if they don’t like it anymore.

A recent interview with Fast Company magazine revealed that Prince Harry resigned from his position as a senior member of the British royal family in 2022. “It indicates that self-awareness brings the need for change,” the 37-year-old said. Thousands of people worldwide have been stuck in jobs they didn’t enjoy, and now they are putting their mental health and happiness first. I applaud them.”

He said the number of people who left their jobs was impressive. It seems like these last couple of years brought all these issues to the fore, but the reality is that they’ve been brewing for a long time. 

We’re just getting started with mental health,” he said. “People are finally paying attention, so we need to build awareness and keep pioneering the conversation.”

Many people praised the prince for putting mental health before work on Twitter. One person tweeted, “It’s good to quit things that hurt your mental health.”. I agree with Prince Harry. You have to take the first step sometimes, and that means leaving,” a second person agreed.

“Completely agree. It’s best to avoid toxicity, an environment you can’t control, and resistance to change. One person said, “The Monarchy is an example.”.

However, his comments didn’t do so well on social media, where people commented how easy it was for him to say something like this without understanding the consequences. Many people can’t quit their jobs due to financial constraints. 

Prince Harry – who has never held a proper job and has never paid rent – says quitting jobs is good for self-awareness. I couldn’t make it up. Please stop!” one person tweeted, while another added, “Imagine taking job advice from a literal prince.”

Sitting in a villa for 14 million or on the top floor, H will tell you to change jobs if your current job is stressing you out. You gotta feed the kids, so pay the bills. But you earn money from your advice. That’s crazy that someone pays him for this,” said one user.

“Thanks for the tips, H. I’ll let my husband know. He’ll appreciate it. Not sure how mortgage, gas, electricity, and phone companies will feel about us not paying them. An angry woman commented, “I’ll tell them to check out your blog for some inspiration and zen vibes when they’re down.”.


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