7 reasons why you should be in a relationship with your best friend

Strangers > Best friends > Lovers.

It’s that time in our lives where we have to take that crucial decision. It’s natural for you to fall for your best friend or vice versa but deciding to go out with them is the most nerve-wrecking decision you will have to take. A million questions come daunting in your head. What if getting in a relationship might mess your friendship up, if the relationship doesn’t work. Since you know everything about their past, you have insecurities at a whole different level. But it is really up to you how you take this new found love for your best friend. Here is a list of things that will help you understand why giving this a go is a great idea, if you just take everything positively.


Nobody can ever match the comfort level you and your best friend have. They know you in and out, you have embarrassed yourself in front of them a thousand times and they make great memories. You don’t have to go through that awkward phase where you feel weird sharing an embarrassing moment or a not-so-good habit you have.


This is the only relationship where you don’t have to go on explaining about your past. The demons you are always hesitant to show to someone you love. Your best friend is probably someone who not just only knows about this but has also been there through that time. They have probably seen you go into it and come out of it bruised. They know your demons more than you do and they will always be protective of the fact that your past doesn’t come creeping into your present.


You like the same things. Your hangout places are the same All of your friends are the same, you probably think alike as well. What’s better than having your own shadow as a partner? What you’ve seen, they’ve seen. You are saving yourself from compromising on the activities that your partner might not like. You just might not have to give up on anything because, often, your best friend is into it as well.


There are barely any trust issues. Best friends who then get into a relationship already trust each other more than they trust themselves. Isn’t that how partners are supposed to be? I don’t mean to say that other relationships always have trust issues but they do take time to achieve that level of trust which best friends have. So you are basically skipping a whole lot of problems and arguments.


The level of understanding is so amazing and in sync that you don’t really need to tell your best friend/partner what to do. Also, in a gathering, a simple eye contact can tell each other what the other one is thinking. We literally pray for such a relationship with our partners. It’s also a great feeling when you don’t have to use words to explain how you feel or what’s bothering you. Even a moment of silence can tell them a lot.


The best thing about having your best friend as your partner is the fact that you are confident that they fell in love with you for exactly the way you are. They don’t want to change you, mostly. If they have spent so much time with you being your best friend, they already know who you are, in and out. If they weren’t OKAY with the way you are, they wouldn’t be your best friend at the first place. So love yourself and let yourself be loved exactly the way you are. Don’t have to balance between your best friend and partner. This is one heck of a problem when you get into a relationship. It’s natural that when you are in a relationship, you are unable to spend that much time with your best friend. This often brings a rift between you and your partner or you and your best friend. But in this situation, you really don’t have to face such a problem.


With all that you two have been through together, your time together will always be a fun. Just going down memory lane would give you a laughing fit. What more can you ask for then sitting with your partner, having a mug of hot chocolate and laughing your lungs out? Laughing so hard that you fall on the ground, have a hard time breathing and at that very moment, feeling completely content with your life. For that moment everything is perfect, you’re happy and the person you care about the most is happy!

You truly know it is love. You know your best friend so well, you know it’s true love. I am not saying all of these goals can’t be achieved with any other kind of relationship. Don’t feel like you cannot achieve all of this if your partner wasn’t your best friend before the relationship started. Maybe sometimes, we just have to treat our partners like our best friends and less like lovers. You’ll see, all of these things become achievable when you do that.

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Have you been in a relationship with your best friend? How did it go for you? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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