There was a recent survey that shed light on some very interesting details surrounding parenting and marriages. The survey sought out the views of more than 7,000 mothers in the United States about the stress that they were experiencing in their lives.

And they found out that in the survey, moms around America had rated their stress levels to be 8.5 out of 10. That’s a pretty high rating and it’s concerning especially if you take into consideration the implications that high-stress can have on a person’s overall health and well-being.

In that same study, almost half of the moms who were surveyed said that their husbands were causing them a lot more stress than their children did.

The study revealed that most mothers typically became stressed and frustrated whenever they realized that they didn’t have enough time in the day to accomplish all of their chores, errands, and goals that needed their attention.

To add on to that, 75% of mothers claimed that they had been covering more of the responsibility with regards to parenting and household maintenance duties in the family.

And lastly, researches also found that around 20% of mothers have claimed that a lot of their stress stemmed from a lack of support or help from the men they were in relationships with. In other words, these moms felt like they were doing a lot of the work on their own.

Based on studies spearheaded by the University of Padova, the stress levels in the lives of these women are going to have heavy implications on the overall health of the women and the marriages that they are in.

Research has concluded that whenever the woman passes away earlier than the husband, the man’s health tends to deteriorate at a significantly higher rate as opposed to the women when their husbands pass away first. In fact, women are shown to have improvements in health and mental well-being whenever their husbands die earlier.

It turns out that the women become a lot better at handling stress and warding off depression. The researchers at the University of Padova were incapable of finding a definitive factor as to why the results turned out this way.

However, the leaders of the study suspected that it was probably because the male partners had a heavier reliance and dependence on their women than vice versa.

There was also an article that was conducted by healthy Holistic Living recently that revealed a few tips and tricks to building intimacy and closeness between two people in a relationship.

If two people in a marriage are working full-time jobs, then it’s very important that they are able to set some very clear rules and boundaries that they need to follow to the dot.

As a couple, it’s important to have some sense of structure and order in the relationship. You are both going to have your fair share of responsibilities that you agree upon beforehand and that you need to always abide by.

If you are able to stick to the rules and boundaries that you set for yourself, then you are putting yourselves in a better position to actually be more efficient in the way that you conduct your relationship. It helps fight stress and it also helps in keeping one another accountable in the relationship.

A classic example of this division of labor would be to specify certain tasks for the two people in the marriage. For instance, fathers can be in charge of doctor appointments for the kids while mom has to handle dinner for the family.

Fathers can deal with homework assistance and moms can do bill payments. These are just some very simple roles and responsibilities that, when split up efficiently and evenly, can really help the dynamics of a marriage.

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