Researchers Find, Talking to Yourself Out Loud May Be a Sign of Higher Intelligence

There are a lot of times wherein we will find ourselves in situations where will just crave for a good old pep talk. There are times wherein our insecurities and fears can get the best of us and we will want to hype ourselves up to push through the barriers and hurdles that are in front of us. When we are faced with trials and challenges, we are always going to welcome some kind of motivation whether it comes from others or ourselves.

However, you have to admit that it is a little weird or off-putting for you to be talking to yourself especially when you start mentioning your own name in these one-sided conversations. It might be a little embarrassing for you to be talking to yourself within earshot of other people whenever you’re in public. Personally, I find that talking to myself can indeed be very helpful for many anxiety, stress, and general uneasiness. I find myself feeling more comfortable whenever I start talking to myself. However, I have to admit that even though I find comfort in talking to myself, it makes a lot of other people around me feel uncomfortable.

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I have had so many instances in the past wherein people would just stare at me in wonder whenever I start talking to myself. And I already know what they’re thinking when they do that. They wonder whether I’ve got all my marbles. It’s unfortunate. So many people are just not familiar or comfortable with the idea of talking to themselves. The common practice is to always open up to other people whenever we are looking to get something off our chest. People are just too scared of what others might think if they are ever found to be talking to themselves in public.

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However, recent scientific breakthroughs have shed some substantial light on the whole situation. If you happen to be a self-talker, then rejoice. You shouldn’t be ashamed of having occasional conversations with yourself at all. Yes, it’s often labeled as an activity that we should never be openly doing. A lot of people are villainized for talking to themselves in public. However, science has turned the tables. There is a scientific reason to suspect that talking to yourself might actually be an indicator of higher intelligence.

A recent study that was conducted by the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology has found that talking to yourself can actually assist the brain in preparing itself to better recognize a specific object or situation. It also happens to aid in the enhancement of the brain’s memory centers. In essence, if you talk to yourself, you are helping yourself absorb something that you are trying to learn or understand. For instance, in a study that was conducted in 2011 that involved around 20 participants, this theory was put to the test. All 20 participants were given a specific name for an object to search for in a large market. They were instructed to search for the object in both loud and silent methods. The study eventually concluded that the participants who spoke to themselves were able to perform the task a lot quicker and more efficiently. It proved that there is a direct correlation between visualizing a target and remembering the name that is associated with that target.

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To support this idea further, a few scientists at Bangor University also found out that talking to yourself out loud isn’t just helpful, it’s also a sign of higher intelligence levels. In this particular study, the participants were handed a list of instructions to both read out loud and silently. After a series of tests were performed to measure their performance and concentration levels, the researchers found that people were more engaged and absorbed in the task when they were reading to themselves out loud. One of the leaders of the study, Dr. Palmoa Mari Beffa says that a lot of the benefits come from actually being able to hear one’s own voice. She claims that it all stems “from simply hearing oneself, as auditory commands seem to be better controllers of behavior than written ones”.

She also says that talking to one’s self out loud is a sign of high cognitive functioning.

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Dr. Mari says that self-talking is essentially a verbal manifestation of all the inner conversations that we have with ourselves on a daily basis.

The stereotype of the mad scientist talking to themselves, lost in their own inner world, might reflect the reality of a genius who uses all the means at their disposal to increase their brain power,” 

she says.

That is probably why a lot of elite athletes such as golfers or tennis players talk to themselves during high-stake competitions. Self-talk really isn’t all that unusual if you come to think about it. It’s a great way of motivating one’s self to succeed in life.

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