Science Shows That Children Get Their Smarts From Their Mothers, Not Fathers

It’s probably safe to assume that not a lot of dads out there are going to be happy with this information. However, breakthroughs in genetic research have revealed that a lot of people probably gain most of their intelligence from their feminine gene. The X chromosome has a thousand genes and a lot of them actually help shape and influence a person’s cognitive skills.

Up until recently, it was generally assumed that both the mother and father will have around roughly equal amounts of influence on their child’s intellect. However, science seems to suggest otherwise. It turns out that women actually have much larger impacts on influencing a child’s intelligence compared to the fathers in a family setting.

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Women are actually able to impart more influence on their children’s cognitive skills. Of course, this is a bold assertion and this research might prove to be very controversial. A lot of studies like this can often evoke substantial debate. Genetics is a very complex and multifaceted scientific field. There are plenty of studies that are still going on today that shed new light on existing beliefs that we hold so dear.

However, regardless of the heated nature of the debates that take place, it’s still important to open ourselves up to these new ideas and theories. It’s still a very interesting idea that warrants some level of attention from anyone. Human life is always fascinating and it’s nice to uncover new layers of truth about our existence as we are living.

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The Roles of X and Y Chromosomes

Not a lot of people are actually going to be well-versed in the field of genetics. Because of that, it might be important to go through a little quick review first. This is going to make the reading of this entire article a lot smoother and easier.

          A chromosome is a thread-like structure that is made out of nucleic acids and protein.

          They are responsible for carrying peoples’ genetic information.

          Every human being is going to have one pair of chromosomes in every cell.

          Females have two X chromosomes while males have one X and one Y chromosome.

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Conditioned Genes

Conditioned genes are genes that are gender-specific. As a general rule, the genetic properties that are found in conditioned genes can either be activated or deactivated. It all really depends on the influence and designation of the genetic properties involved. Conditioned genes all have some kind of tagging system within them. These systems are composed of biochemical materials and they allow for two important things to take place: they trace a particular gene’s point of origin and they determine the activation or deactivation of the gene within the body. Activated genes are the ones that are responsible for influencing genetic development whereas deactivated genes don’t really have a stake.

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If a certain individual characteristic is influenced through the mother’s genes, the paternal genes are rendered benign. And the converse of that idea is also true. When a father’s genes are activated, the mother’s genes are deactivated as well. These mechanisms form the whole basis of this entire study.

Findings of the Study

A person’s cognitive skills are thought to be mainly influenced by the X chromosome. That’s why theoretically speaking, women are more likely to be the main influencers of cognition in a child. A female possesses two X chromosomes and men only carry just one. Naturally, there is so much more to the study than just talks of X chromosomes. Conditioned genes also come into play here. Intelligence is thought to be a very highly-conditioned gene – one that is believed to come from the mother.

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To further shed light on the study, scientists used genetically-modified mice. They found that embryonic test subjects that were injected with maternal genetic material were found to have more developed craniums and brains – even though they had smaller bodies when compared to the other test subjects. Those with more paternal genetic materials were found to have much bigger bodies; however, they had brains and craniums that weren’t as developed.

To add to the size of the cranium and brain, researchers also found some other interesting observations that caught their attention. First, they saw that six areas of the brain that contain only either maternal or paternal genes. And second, they failed to find any paternal genetic material within the subjects’ cerebral cortex. And the cerebral cortex is actually the area of the brain that is responsible for a lot of the body’s important daily functions. These include language, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and planning.

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Of course, these studies will continue to be exhausted and scrutinized. But there is no denying the importance of this breakthrough with regards to parenthood and family planning.

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