Professor Nigel Bundred presented his research at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam and his studies have revealed some very staggering findings. His studies looked into the effectiveness of two drugs in particular: Herceptin and Lapatinib.

These two drugs are already being commonly used these days to treat breast cancer but this was the first instance in which the two drugs have been combined and used together prior to surgery and chemotherapy. The studies conducted by Budred revealed that they were actually able to eliminate most types of breast cancer in as little as 11 days.

The study was funded by Cancer Research UK and they aimed to use these drugs to actually fight off a protein referred to as HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2). This protein drastically affects the growth and division of cancer cells. It’s also one that is more likely to return when compared to other cancer types.

Another interesting fact that makes this study just so amazing is that it totally did away with the need for chemotherapy and surgery. It’s no secret that the procedures involved in chemotherapy and surgery are definitely going to take a toll on a patient’s overall health.

These two procedures, in particular, are responsible for diminishing immune systems in cancer patients which could lead them susceptible to complications from their cancer and other diseases.

So many patients who undergo chemotherapy and surgery are very much apprehensive because of the many side effects that are involved.

Hair loss is a popular one. But there are also other side effects such as vomiting, fatigue, and as already mentioned, a compromised immune system. However, the treatment that was the subject of this study was able to achieve desirable results without having to deal with any of these side effects.

257 women who had HER2 positive breast cancer were actually chosen for the study. Half of the participants of the study were being administered with the drug combo while the other half was placed in a control group.

The results seemed to depict that out of all of those who were being treated by the drug, 11% of participants had no more cancer cells remaining after just two weeks. And in addition to that, 17% of cases had shown some drastically shrunken tumors.

The other half of the participants, the ones who were placed in a control group, was only given Herceptin. Only 0% of the group was found to have no traces of cancer cells and only 3% of them had found that the sizes of their tumors had dropped. Based on these findings, it can be easy to assume that the combination of these drugs can indeed have a significant effect on the fighting of these breast cancer cells as opposed to when they are just used on their own.

However, the current problem persists that Herceptin’s licensing only allows for it to be used alongside chemotherapy and not just for isolated usage. But the lead researchers of this study are hopeful that their findings can help change that moving forward into the future.

There is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done in the world of cancer research but hopefully, this can serve as a very huge leap forward. There is no denying that huge strides in the field of medicine are being made every day.

via The Telegraph

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