Scientists Reveal How Texting Affects Modern Relationships

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to read a person’s mood when you’re just reading something that they’re typing out to you. And that’s why it’s fairly common for things to get lost in translation these days – especially when communication is mostly done in a virtual space at this point. A lot of us engage in texting as a means to maintain closeness and communication with the people who are special to us. Everyone should know that in any relationship, communication is key – and that’s why it’s a good idea to be utilizing various platforms as much as possible.

So what exactly do your texting habits say about your relationship and your love life? There has been substantial research on the field, and you might be interested in hearing about the results. What does it mean if you and your partner have very similar texting mannerisms and styles? What does it mean if you’re constantly using your phone to get you out of being bored during uneventful situations? What does it say about you if you often feel anxious and uncomfortable whenever you’re without your phone? What does it really mean if you’re the kind of person who hates looking down at a phone screen every 5 minutes or so? Of course, all of these questions have an answer. And maybe, by the end of this article, you will discover some new things about yourself and your relationship that you never knew before.

A lot of people in this world will look down on texting; they will see it as a very lazy form of communication. They will see it as impersonal and detached. Unsurprisingly, a vast majority of people still believe that face-to-face communication is the ideal form of communication when trying to form strong and healthy bonds with another person. However, that still doesn’t take away from the fact that a bunch of us are going to rely on texting for a lot of our day-to-day communications with people – whether they’re important or not.

There is just a certain convenience that comes with texting that makes it so appealing. The fact that you can text someone while you’re doing other daily tasks often makes people feel like they are being productive. However, having your attention divided while you’re communicating with another person can make the act seem so insincere and impersonal. On top of that, there is the lack of vocal tone, pitch, and other important signifiers of a person’s feelings that can make texts so difficult to decipher.

And in fact, there are so many couples in relationships that go through fights and arguments because of miscommunication. This is something that can’t be avoided in a world that relies so much on texting as a form of intimate communication. And that’s why more and more couples need to be more conscious of the way that they text and communicate with one another; you will always want to be lessening the friction in your own relationship.

Couples who text similarly tend to be happier.

If you find someone who has similar texting styles as you, it’s likely that you two are going to have a happier and easier relationship. You communicate similarly and so that makes your communication so much more interactive and effective.

A person who texts too much could be someone dealing with issues.

Studies have shown that a person who spends too much time texting is a person who is likely to have some very serious mental health issues. These are people who tend to be very uncomfortable when they are left alone to themselves.

A person’s attachment to people is often linked to one’s attachment to their phones.

You can tell if a person is going to be greatly attached to you if they are always attached to their phones. The way that a person clings to their cellphones is typically indicative of how that person is going to cling to someone who they are in a deep and intimate relationship with.

Texting shouldn’t be the platform for important conversations to be had.

If you are looking to use texting as a viable platform for you and your partner to have intimate conversations, you are doing it wrong. Reserve the important talks for when you’re both talking to one another in person. Texting is great for when you want to stay in touch with one another for day-to-day stuff. But when it comes to the serious conversations, maybe hold off on texting.

Grammar and spelling matters more than you might think.

There are so MANY people in the world who get annoyed with terrible grammar and bad spelling while texting. And there are very FEW people in this world who find it pretentious when someone texts with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. So, always try to be on the safe side and just always adhere to proper rules of writing.

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