21 Signs You’re With A Great Boyfriend

  1. He hates it when you feel weak

Your boyfriend is a great one when he sees you crying, or having a slight breakdown or just downright feeling small and weak and feels more terrible than you.

He is your support system, so when he sees you teetering on the edge of weakness, he will feel like the worst guy on the planet. Not to mention his utmost efforts to make you feel better, he will also make sure you never feel that way again.

He hates to see you cry. This is a sign of how much your boyfriend cares about you. Just as your smiles and achievements make him happy, your sorrow and tears make him sad too.

  1. He is your hero

Your great boyfriend might not be Batman or the richest guy in the world, or be an award-winner and own ten big jet planes. But he is still your hero your unmasked and most humane hero.

When anyone hurts you or your feelings, does wrong to you or falsely accuses you and so on, your guy will suddenly turn all macho and be there to defend you no matter who and what he is up against. Your safety is his first concern.

He is your hero who will not only save you from the world but also from yourself. When the darkness inside you begins to consume the best in you, trust your guy to be there for you and to remind you of who you are, bring you back to yourself, and save you from the monsters inside yourself.

The fact that he has no idea what he might be facing only proves how great and loving he truly is towards you.

  1. He never minds your busy routine

If it is one in the morning and you return from work, your great boyfriend will not ask you what took you so long, will make sure you eat and get rest, and will never angry or even the least bit frustrated when you are knee-deep in your work.

He understands you have a busy routine, so he knows better than to push you into straying from that routine. Instead, what he will do in fact is lend you a hand whenever he can; he will make sure you have everything you need right by your side and then, when you are all done with your work, he will offer to give you a relaxing time all to yourself, probably even do some chores around just to make things easier for you and anything else that will help you get the edge of work off of you.

He will always be supportive and patient with you and your work plus hectic routine.

  1. He inspires you greatly

It is a sign that you don’t just have any boyfriend but a great and amazing one at that too, when he is your inspiration behind most things in life; things that matter the most anyway. When you so much as even think about giving up on your dream, he will keep you inspired and motivated. Just the thought of being with him tomorrow, and having him be a part of your future will keep you be enough inspiration for you to keep going and trying your best.

When the negatives of the world and society seem to get the better of you and you begin to doubt yourself, he will motivate you to not give in to those doubts and be the best person you can be. You will feel yourself coming back to life after almost giving up on your dreams and aspirations, through the inspiration and encouragement given to you by your guy.

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