Studies Reveal That Men Find These 2 Types Of Women Irresistible

For so many years now, women have continually been asking the question: what kinds of personalities and traits are most attractive to men? A lot of women are just so passionately interested in finding out what they can do to present themselves as viable romantic options for the men who are around them. And that’s okay. It’s not desperate to be like that.

All of us as human beings are always going to have an innate desire to give and feel love. And a lot of women know that they always need to position themselves ideally if they eventually want to find love for themselves. These women are going to want to land the right men; and that all starts with the art of attraction.

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Of course, all cases are going to vary given the uniqueness and distinctive nature of our personalities. We all have different tendencies, tastes, likes, dislikes, and preferences. We aren’t always all going to like the exact same things. And that’s okay. That’s part of the journey to find true love. You have to take your chances and hope for the best.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to be taking a shot in the dark either. You don’t have to be going into this battle unarmed. Yes, all men are going to be inherently unique because of their individuality. And it’s going to be impossible for you to come off as attractive to EVERY SINGLE MAN in the world. That’s just not a possibility that you should be entertaining in the first place. However, you can always choose to arm yourself with particular traits and characteristics that most men would find attractive. And fortunately for you, science has provided us with some of the answers. Studies have actually revealed that men typically find these two types of women virtually irresistible.

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1. The Maternal Woman

According to the world’s leading psychologists and mind experts, having parental traits and characteristics can go a long way in attracting people of the opposite sex. This means that men tend to seek out women who are able to act like mothers and women tend to seek out men who are able to act like fathers. This might not be something that people consciously act on. In fact, a lot of these tendencies are deeply rooted in the essence of our being. A lot of us are always going to seek a sense of comfort, stability, and reliability in our lives. We always pursue the security and safety that comes with being in a safe space; in some kind of sanctuary. That’s why a lot of people pursue partners who are able to give them a sense of home. Having a strong and reliable family atmosphere can be very comforting for the human psyche, and that’s why a lot of men tend to seek women with strong maternal traits.

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Men are mostly attracted to a mother-type girlfriend because men typically want to be taken care of. Men are going to want to feel unconditional love and affection. Men are going to seek the warmth and safety of a woman’s arms. They will want a girl who can cook for them and keep the house in order. They will want a woman who is also able to provide for the family. They will want a woman they can eventually start and build a family with. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that a man will like you for your homemaking skills and your nurturing personality.

2. The Friendly Woman

A lot of people will be deluded into thinking that in order for them to attract potential mates, they always need to exude sex appeal and beauty. A lot of girls will do whatever they can to alter and manipulate their physical appearance to socially acceptable standards. However, while physical beauty is definitely enough to catch a man’s attention, it’s never enough to sustain a man’s attraction towards you. Men typically tend to look for women they are able to have emotionally enriching relationships with. They will want women they can really connect with and relate to. They will want the kind of woman they can establish a kind of bond and camaraderie with.

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Remember that one of the major keys to sustaining a long-term relationship is compatibility between two people. They will want to look for a best friend that they can really sink their teeth into; a confidante that they can really open themselves up to without fear or hesitation. Men will be most attracted to women they can become emotionally intimate with.

It can be perfectly natural for a man to seek a best friend for marriage and life partnership. At the end of the day, he’s going to want to have a life partner that he can always rely on; someone who he knows will be there for him whenever necessary.

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