Who needs more incentive to have sex? Well, it’s hard to find anything better than sex, especially in a relationship. Most healthy modern relationships are always going to consider sex to be a very important aspect of their love. And there’s a reason for that. Sex is the ultimate pinnacle of physical intimacy.

No two people are ever as physically connected as they are when they are having sex. That’s the reason why so many couples actually make it a point to have healthy and active sex lives.

But sex is so much more than just building physical intimacy between two people in a relationship. There are so many other benefits in sex as well. For one, it’s what couples do whenever they decide to procreate and have children.

And it’s always beautiful whenever you are bringing a new life into this world. We’re all probably familiar with how sex works in that regard.

And as a man, you’re probably familiar with the fact that sex helps prevent the likelihood of prostate cancer. But did you know that there is another secret benefit to having sex a lot?

Well, studies have shown that having more sex can actually improve your memory especially as you get older.

Based on the data from more than 6,000 males who were aged over 50 years old, healthy sex life can actually help strengthen the short-term memory for more senior adults.

These were the findings that were published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Back in 2012, a total of 6,016 men and women were asked to complete a memory test and questionnaires that covered their health, diet, and sex lives.

They also measured the emotional connections and levels of intimacy that they had with their partners. And in 2014, the same process of the study was repeated with the same participants.

The researchers who spearheaded the study from the University of Wollongong compared the results to help determine what changed during the course of that time.

What they found was that overall, a lot of the peoples’ memories had declined within that two-year timespan.

However, the people who admitted to having more sex and had stronger emotional connections in their relationships during intercourse were found to perform a lot better when it came to the memory assessment portions of the study.

Specifically speaking, the improvement in memory as a result of a more active sex life was attributed purely to short-term memory. It really didn’t have any links or effects on a person’s long-term memory.

The leaders of the study hypothesized that sex could somehow stimulate the hippocampus of the brain; the portion that is mostly responsible for a human being’s memory.

There are plenty of potential health benefits that come with sex. For one, it makes you a lot happier. You are less prone to stress because of the oxytocin that is triggered and released in your body after orgasm.

The oxytocin hormone could leave you feeling a lot more comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. That means that there is less destructive stress in your body.

There is also evidence that suggests that people who have sex at least just once per week will tend to have stronger immune systems. This is a result of the higher levels of immunoglobulin A – an antibody that is responsible for warding off harmful bacteria and illnesses.

These are just some of the many benefits that come with having a healthy and active sex life. Just make sure that if you are in a healthy relationship, practice sex safely and responsibly.