If you have ever had a sister as you were growing up, then you probably know just how big pains in the butt they can be sometimes. They can be the most annoying people you could ever meet, but they could also be the most loving. They’re your mortal enemies in one minute, and then they can turn around and be your best friend in the world on the next. And that’s just how sisters are. However, at the end of the day, you should know that there is immense value in having a sister who you can really turn to in life.

And this isn’t just some random sweeping statement that doesn’t carry any weight or basis. It’s actually backed up by science. Studies have already proven that there are so many benefits to going through life having a sister – as hard as that might be to believe.

Your sisters actually aid in the development of your social skills such as communication, negotiation, expression, and compromise. You are taught the values that are needed to coexist with other people in an intimate space. Research has also suggested that sibling conflict can go a long way in a person’s overall development. It aids in an individual’s ability to engage in conflict resolution.

But if you’re still skeptical, then you should read until the end of his article. Here are some other reasons as to why it’s really beneficial to have a sister in life.

1. A sister is going to give you a really strong boost to mental health.

A recent study has also found that having a sister can actually boost your sense of self-esteem as well as your mental health. Sisters have a tendency to act motherly towards their siblings; regardless of age. And it’s that kind of maternal treatment that leaves people feeling trusted, loved, appreciated, and valued. There is also a certain feeling of protection there that sisters are able to provide for their siblings. Sisters play a very significant role in promoting the mental health of their siblings in the family environment. And as children grow older, it’s usually the sisters who make an effort to keep the family intact especially when the parents are no longer in the picture. And in that sense, sisters promote closer family ties and compassion within intimate living environments.

2. Having a sister is going to make you more compassionate.

Those same studies have discovered that having a sister is actually going to help you become a kinder, more sensitive, and more compassionate human being overall. The reason for that is because sisters are promoters of positive social traits and behaviors such as compassion, mindfulness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. Sometimes, sisters can even be more influential in these respects when compared to the influence of parents on a child.

Yes, siblings can get into a lot of fights; but there is always going to be a certain bond that is there which just breeds compassion and affection between the two combating siblings. When siblings are getting into fights and squabbles, the stakes are always higher. And that’s why siblings will tend to regulate their emotions the best that they can because they know that they can’t afford to say the wrong things to put this intimate relationship in jeopardy.

3. A sister is going to help you hone those interpersonal skills that you will need to interact with others.

Having a sister in this life is really going to help you out with your conflict-resolution skills. You are also going to learn a lot about empathy and being able to reach out to the person you’re interacting with. Having a sister is going to teach you to look reach out to the other side of the aisle; to see things from another person’s perspective before you do or say anything. You are also going to gain a lot of valuable skills and traits that are needed to diffuse tense situations and high-pressure conflicts.

4. You’re also going to become a better communicator because of your sister.

Research has shown that brothers who grew up having sisters were a lot better at communicating with women than those men who only ever grew up around other men. And that’s because of the exposure that these men are getting when they have sisters. They are more exposed to the differences in gender personalities, and they are more equipped to adjust how they communicate as a result.

5. Having a sister can teach you to be more independent.

There’s just something about growing up with a group of women. They are able to teach you to really fight for what you believe in because of the many struggles that they themselves have to go to in such a patriarchal society.

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