“Marry Someone Whose Love

“Marry someone whose love isn’t shaken by anger. Marry someone who cares about your well being, even when mad at you.”

Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee You

Marriage doesn’t guarantee you will be together forever, it’s only a contract. It takes Love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship, and faith in your relationship to make it last. -Unknown Author

Real Love Is Rare A Lot Of People Date

Real love is rare. A lot of people date with motives and marry for perks. If you have someone who loves you at your core, don’t let them go. — Tony A. Gaskins Jr

Marry Your Best Friend

Marry your best friend. Marry someone who you wouldn’t mind waking up to every day for the rest of your life. The one who makes you glad to be alive. Marry someone who drives you crazy. The one who frustrates you. The one who calms you. Marry the one you don’t mind fighting with, becauseContinue reading Marry Your Best Friend

Cheating Really Hurts It’s Best

Cheating really hurts It’s best to walk away, breakup, do anything but cheat. Don’t ruin someone’s outlook on love, life. Don’t fill their mind with insecurity and “I’m not good enough” thoughts because you wanted to be selfish and cheat. If you can’t love them, don’t hurt them.

CHEATING Is Not A Mistake

CHEATING is not a mistake. If you’re truly in love with someone, you will not be able to kiss someone else without tasting your loves ones tears stain your lips. You will not be able to take your clothes off for someone else without feeling like a field ripped bare to its soil. Cheating isContinue reading CHEATING Is Not A Mistake

You Can Break Down A Woman

You can break down a woman temporarily, but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself, and come back stronger than ever. -Unknown Author

She Is The Type Of Woman Who Needs Alone Time

She is the type of woman who needs alone time. She feels deep, she thinks even deeper. Her alone time allows her to figure out her mood, where her energy is, and how to take each step in life. – Sylvester Mcnutt