5 Texts Men Wish Women Should Stop Sending And 5 They Want Instead

2. Stop texting: “I don’t know. You decide.”

If he asks you about what you want to do for date night, then give him a straight answer. Stop leaving him to make all of the decisions. It might give him the impression that you’re disinterested.

Instead, text him: “I think we should try doing this tonight!”

Show initiative. Text him exactly what you want to do with him tonight. Be direct and let him know that you’re enthusiastic about the idea of being able to spend time with him.

3. Stop texting: “Why are you going out without me?”

Don’t make him feel bad for having a life. You should still be supportive of the fact that he has friends outside of the relationship. Don’t be overly clingy and territorial. That is never a good look to have in any kind of romantic relationship.

Instead, text him: “Let me know when you’re free to hang out next!”

Respect his time and his schedule. Ask him respectfully when he would be free to hang out with you. Don’t make it seem like you feel entitled to have all of his time.

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