The 12 Signs That A Marriage Is Built To Last

Whenever you decide to get married to someone, that’s a lifelong commitment that you are making. You always want to make sure that your first marriage is going to be your last one as well. You want to make sure that you would always be able to make things last between you and the person you choose to tie the knot with. It’s not something that you would just want to “try out” and see if it’s going to work. You want to MAKE it work.

However, there is no question that marriages can be very difficult to sustain. And sometimes, you just want to be reassured that you are on the right track. You want to be sure that you and your partner are actually doing all the right things to keep your marriage together.

Relationship experts have revealed that if your marriage is guilty of the things listed here, then you might actually be in a marriage that is built to last.

1. You love and accept one another for who you really are.

You have the kind of love that most people only daydream and fantasize about. You have the kind of love that most people would wait entire lifetimes for. You always make it a point to love one another without conditions or reservations. You have that limitless kind of love that knows no bounds.

2. You support each other at all times.

You are always going to support one another as you go through life with your goals and dreams. You would never stand in the way of your partner as they go in pursuit of their goals. And they would never do the same to you either. You always try to push and motivate one another in life.

3. You stay open and honest with one another.

You both make it a point of staying open and honest with one another about yourselves and about your relationship. You never want to be hiding anything from one another. You never want to be keeping each other in the dark about anything.

4. You always practice patience and understanding with each other.

You understand that you aren’t always going to do the right thing in the marriage. And that’s why you practice maximum tolerance and patience with each other. You make sure that you are both free to make mistakes every once in a while. You don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to be perfect.

5. You have no problems with staying humble.

You are both humble enough to acknowledge that you occasionally make mistakes in the relationship. You make sure that you don’t let your egos get in the way of you having a happy and healthy marriage.

6. You prioritize your marriage.

You both really make it a point to prioritize your marriage. Even though the two of you might have plenty of things going on in your life, you still make sure that your marriage is on top of your list of priorities. You understand that you need to devote time to your marriage if you want it to work out for the best.

7. You showcase your gratitude at all times.

You never withhold your gratitude or your appreciation for your partner. You always make sure that your partner knows that you really appreciate everything that they do for you and for the relationship.

8. You maintain physical intimacy in your marriage.

Physical intimacy is always important to the two of you. You understand that in your marriage, you always want to be getting closer and closer to one another. And that means that you always engage in physical intimacy because you understand that that is key in strengthening the closeness in your relationship.

9. You know how to resolve arguments in a mature and civil manner.

You might not necessarily agree all the time. But you know how to resolve whatever disagreements or arguments that you might have as a couple. You always prioritize the needs of the relationship above your desire to be right.

10. You do whatever it takes to make each other’s lives easier.

You are both very serious about doing whatever it takes to make each other’s lives easier. You always try to do things for one another. You run errands for each other with expecting anything in return. You just want to make each other as comfortable as you could possibly do.

11. You stay committed to the relationship.

Both of you really stay committed to your relationship. You both understand that it’s going to require a lot of work, effort, and commitment in order to sustain your relationship. And you don’t shy away from the challenge. You always commit yourselves to strengthen your marriage more and more.

12. You treat each other as equals.

No one is more important or less important in the relationship. You are genuine partners who put each other on equal footing. You don’t put your partner on a pedestal. But you don’t see yourself as being above them either. You have a real partnership going on and you face all of your challenges together.

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