The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell In Relationships

6. Their Sexual History

Even though a woman hasn’t been sexually deprived lately, there’s no stopping her from lying about it. Whether it be out of a sense of pity or desperation, a man has a tendency to sleep with a woman if he knows that she hasn’t been getting some action for a while.

7. Their Sexual Partners

The biggest secrets that women keep from men are the partners that they’ve had sexual encounters with in the past. Some women might lie by saying they’ve slept with male celebrities even though they haven’t, and some women will lie by denying that they’ve slept with a certain guy even though they have.

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Lastly, honesty is a reflection of one’s respect for another person. Lying and being dishonest to someone by concealing truths and realities is a huge form of disrespect. When you truly respect someone, you don’t ever feel like they are worth lies or concealment of truth. Being completely honest with someone means that you respect them enough to know that they are worthy of the truth and that no one has the right to ever withhold information from them.

So when it comes to relationships, it’s clear that there should be no room for lies, and yet, the dishonesty persists. In this case, this article will be solely focusing on the most common lies uttered by women in the relationships. Why do they feel like they have to tell these lies?

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