The Part of Your Body You Wash First In A Bath Shows A Lot About Your Personality

5. Hair

If you are someone who immediately washes your hair the moment you step into the shower, then you are definitely someone who is obsessed with order, structure, and discipline. You take a top-to-bottom approach in bathing. And you carry that kind of structure with you into your daily life as well.

You are also very practical. You have a very strong opinion on things and you firmly believe that your mind is one of your greatest assets. You do a lot to take care of your brain. And you are never one who is shy about sharing an opinion to other people.

6. Shoulders and Neck

You are probably one of the most hardworking people you are ever going to know in your life. The reason you go to your neck and shoulders first is that these are often the most stressful parts of your body. You are stressed because you always find yourself hustling and working hard.

You are also incredibly competitive and you always like to be staying ahead of the pack. You always want to have a leg-up on the competition.

7. Back

You are someone who watches your back… literally. You find it very hard to be trusting of other people. You don’t typically like to let other people into your life so quickly or so easily. This is probably because of the traumatic experience of betrayal that you have had in the past.

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