Relationship Experts Reveal The Top 10 Things You Should Be Looking For In A Guy To Date

These experts speak the truth!

1. Intelligence

Needless to say, intelligence is always one of the most important things you should be able to look for in a man. Of course, not to say that intelligence is everything – but it sure can make up for a lot of other shortcomings. You always want to make sure that you attach yourself to a smart man who has a profound and deep understanding of the world and how it works. You don’t want to be with someone who has a dense view of love and society in general.

2. Sense of Humor

A sense of humor can really go a long way in bringing two people closer together. At the end of the day, you want to fall in love because you want to be able to find happiness in another person. And so when you have a guy who is able to make you laugh and smile with a great sense of humor, then it won’t be all too hard for you to find happiness in your relationship at all. It’s always a great plus to have when you’re with a guy who can make you laugh at any given moment.

3. Supportiveness

You would never want to be stuck in a relationship that forces you to give up on your dreams. You would never want to be stuck with a guy who serves as a hurdle between you and your personal sense of self-fulfillment. You always want to be with someone who understands that you have you own personal goals that you set for yourself; and he should be as supportive as possible when it comes to these endeavors.

4. Effort

There are very little things in a relationship that some good old fashioned effort can’t fix. Sure, effort alone can’t solve all problems in a relationship. But you would much rather be with someone who actually gives a damn; someone who is always willing to try to make things work. If you are always going to be willing to try to make things work with one another in the relationship, then there are very few things in the world that will actually be able to stop you.

5. Emotional Intelligence

More than just mental acuity, you need to be with a guy who has emotional intelligence as well. A man who is emotionally intelligent is someone who is going to be able to read your feelings and emotions well. He will be sensitive and he is always going to be mindful of how his words and actions may affect you personally.

6. Respectfulness

Of course, at the base of it all, you want a guy who is going to respect and value you in the ways that you deserve. You need to be with someone who is always going to treat you with utmost respect because that is a genuine sign of maturity and class.

7. Attentiveness

Attentiveness is really important in any kind of relationship. If you are stuck with a guy who doesn’t listen to you, then you are practically on the losing end of a dictatorship. You are stuck with a guy who isn’t going to care much about whatever it is you might have to say regarding the relationship. Whenever you want to get something off your chest, you won’t have an audience that would be willing to humor you at all.

8. Open-mindedness

Open-mindedness can go a really long way in helping alleviate conflict and friction in a relationship. When you have a partner who is open-minded, he is going to be the type of guy you can talk to about anything. He isn’t going to be so dismissive of your opinions just because they are different from his. He will always make sure to be as accommodating as possible to make sure that you always have a safe space to express yourself.

9. Structure and Maturity

You need to be in a relationship with a proper adult if you want things to last. And you know that your partner is an adult if he is mature and if he has structure in his life. He must always have a sense of direction and purpose with the way that he lives his life. If he is too wayward, then you risk being in a rocky relationship as well.

10. Financial Responsibility

You can tell a lot about a man by the way that he manages his finances. You would never want to end up with someone who is just going to shove you into a place of financial instability. Of course, naturally, money shouldn’t be the prime motivator for getting into a relationship with someone. You can’t help who you fall in love with – whether rich or poor. But just because a person isn’t well-off doesn’t mean that he isn’t financially responsible. It’s all about being able to manage your finances according to your means. And if he just spends his money recklessly, then you definitely don’t want that for yourself.

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