6 things that start to really suck once you’re in a relationship

With Hollywood romanticizing the idea of love and falling in love, all everyone seems to want to do is find someone and make them their girlfriend or boyfriend. But in all the hype what most young people tend to forget is that there are some pretty pertinent cons of getting into relationships especially for us unemployed adolescents with no real aim in life. Here is a list of all the things that really start to suck once you’re in a relationship.

1. Your personal savings

Contrary to what all these new pop sensations are saying- love isn’t priceless. Love is expensive, like really really expensive. Too many occasions and events that you never even knew about start to surface once you’re in a relationship how could you possibly know that 12th June is international couple’s day? And that there is such a thing as a one month-anniversary and a two month-anniversary, so on and so forth. There are simply too many presents to be bought, too many cinema tickets, too many dinner bills. All this extra spending will really make your bank account suffer and you can forget about the new camera you were saving up for.

2. Talking to people who are not your girlfriend/boyfriend.

It’s exhausting- the whole process of texting someone of the opposite gender who means nothing to you at all and having your partner be suspicious of your motives and actions. It’s mind-blowing how easily a jealous partner throws all logic out the window, backtracks and forges a story of their own, solid enough to have even you convinced that you’re cheating on them. Its annoying how you need to always have a back story prepared for whoever it is you’re talking to- Oh yeah, Sarah is just the girl who sits behind me in Literature who asked me for a pencil once, the explanations go on.

3. Holidays

You finally get two weeks off that you’ve deserved after all your hard work at the office and can’t wait to go on holiday somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean alone or with your significant other, but SURPRISE. You’re not just going to be going on holiday with your partner; you’re going with them and their parents. That’s right, granted all expenses will be paid by them, for two weeks, their parents are going to control each and everything the both of you do. You’ll be lucky if they let you stay in the same room! В It truly will be a test of your patience by the end of which you’ll realize what a wonderful place your office is.

4. Your girls’/guys’ night out.

Where’s the fun in going out with your girl friends or guy friends when the whole time your partner won’t stop calling? The whole point of having a night out with your friends is so that you can take a break from your partner and not feel trapped in the relationship. But unfortunately, once you enter a relationship, a night out with your friends isn’t just a night out with your friends anymore, it’s you disappearing for all night, to god knows where and coming home a happier person. Of course your partner will draw conclusions and accuse you of unimaginable things and think that you did all the things they do in The Hangover, so instead of putting yourself through all that trouble you usually just opt out of going to any girl’s or guy’s night out.

5. Lazy Days

You know those days when you wake up in the morning, don’t wash your face or change out of your pajamas, grab last night’s leftover Chinese and watch Friends all day, occasionally getting out of bed to look at your nest of hair, recoiling and then going back to bed? Well, say goodbye to those days because the moment you enter a relationship, you’ve willfully signed yourself up for getting out of bed and putting on a hint of makeup and getting dressed every single day for as long as your partner lives. The new definition of В a ˜lazy day’ is you waking up before your partner does, going to the bathroom to put on a little foundation and lipstick, brushing your hair and going back to bed to spend the day in your uncomfortable lace ˜pajamas’ while watching White Collar and eating fruit.

6. Going to the mall

Let’s face it, the only thing we all actually enjoyed about going to the mall were all the hot people we usually saw there- the men with babies, the groups of sparsely dressed, squealing girls and chic girls at Forever21. Once you’re in a relationship you can’t rate butts and appreciate someone’s jaw line at the mall anymore, making the place that much more boring. You just go in, get what you need and leave, what a snore.

Have you faced these things in a relationship? Have they disturbed your relationship in some way?

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