This Is How You Drop The Ball With A Girl Who Loves You

She is going to want to walk away from you if you keep on acting cold and distant.

Regrets are hurtful. They linger in places where they shouldn’t be in the first place. They weigh you down in areas of your body where you are your most vulnerable. They wait around and distract you even though the last thing you need in life is a distraction. Regrets choose to come and go whenever they please and we can’t really control their behavior. That’s why it would be best to just avoid putting ourselves in situations of regret at all especially when it comes to love. 

You don’t want to look back and regret all the things that you did (or the things that you failed to do) that ended up destroying a love that made you happy and secure. You don’t want be reminiscing about just how good you had it with this girl only to let her go in the end because of your stupidity. But that’s the thing. Sometimes, we don’t really know the value of a person until they leave us. It’s only when we’re left all alone and vulnerable when we understand how important someone can be to us. And by then, it’s too late. They’re gone and there’s nothing we can do to get them back.

So make sure to never drop the ball when it comes to the girl you love. Make sure that you never disrespect her or make her feel like she doesn’t matter to you. Never give her the option to leave because if she chooses to go down that road, there’s just no getting her back. Do whatever you can to make sure that she won’t want to leave you. Make sure that she knows that she is always being valued in your life and in your relationship because if you don’t, you are going to loser her.

She is going to want to walk away when all you do is make her feel like she’s an expendable aspect of your life. It doesn’t matter how much she loves you. If she is going to keep coming in 2nd place, she won’t want any part of that. You have to be able to prioritize her as much as possible if you want to keep her in your life.

She is going to want to walk away from you if you keep on acting cold and distant. She is going to want to walk away if you keep closing yourself off from her even though she has opened up her entire heart and life to you. She always makes a conscious choice to be with you even when you keep shoving her away until of course she says that enough is enough. – Continue reading on the next page

She is going to want to walk away from her whenever you act inconsistent. Whenever you’re refusing to give her the consistency and stability that she needs to feel comfortable in your relationship, you are just pushing her farther and farther away from you. She knows she loves you and that she wants to be with you. She is willing to commit herself to being consistent with you but you never seem to reciprocate.

She is going to inch a lot farther from you the more that you lie to her. Every single time that you get caught in a lie with her, you are essentially driving a wedge between the two of you and there’s just no fixing the trust that is being broken there. She is going to want to walk away from all of your dishonesty and disrespect. 

She is going to want to walk away from a relationship that doesn’t seem to give her all that she needs emotionally. She keeps investing her heart into what you have and yet she doesn’t ever get anything out of it. She is going to want to walk away from you if you’re going to keep on refusing to meet her halfway. 

She is going to want to walk away from you if you keep treating her like some sort of object that you can use and abuse. She is a human being with her own mind, heart, and feelings. She is not some toy that you can choose to manipulate whenever you please. She is going to want to walk away from any semblance of abuse that comes at your hands. 

She is going to want to walk away from you when you keep the relationship like some sort of game that you have to win every single time. She’s not looking to compete with you. She only wants to be with you. But if you keep this immature charade up for too long, she’s going to want nothing to do with you. 

She is going to want to walk away from you every single time she tries to fight for a relationship that you don’t seem to care about. She’s doing everything she can to keep things together but nothing ever seems to matter much to you; as if she doesn’t really matter much to you. Regardless of how invested she is in you, nothing is going to stop her from walking away from something that keeps hurting her. 

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