This Man Proposes To His Girlfriend On An Airplane With The Help Of Fellow Passengers

Love is truly an amazing thing. It can empower people to actually dream up the grandest gestures just so they would be able to manifest that love in the material world. We’ve all seen it in the movies and we read about it a lot in those romance novels. But a lot of these grand romantic gestures also happen to take place in real life as well.

This is going to be one of those real-life stories about amazing romantic gesture between two people who love one another.


It’s no secret that proposal videos are getting more and more popular these days. Even a simple YouTube search would be enough to tell you that. So many couples are getting engaged in the most romantic places on earth – beaches, mountaintops, deserts, mall spaces, and more.

But this man wasn’t content on keeping his feet on the ground when it came to his proposal… literally. He wanted to take his proposal up into the air. He had a completely different kind of proposal in mind and people can’t stop gushing over the story. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend while they were in an airplane 35,000 feet in the air.


The man of the story is an Italian-native named Stefano Inve. The girl he planned on proposing to is Vittoria Stabile, who happens to work for the airline whose plane would be used as the setting for the proposal.

Stabile works as a flight attendant for the popular world-class airline, Emirates. She was just going about her day in the typical fashion thinking that she was working for a regular flight from Rome to Dubai. But she didn’t know that her boyfriend Stefano had a lot of things going on behind the scenes. And it would forever change her life.


Stefano recruited the help of the passengers on the plane along with Stabile’s colleagues and workmates to help him execute his proposal to perfection.

With the help of practically everyone on the plane, Inve was able to set up various decorations that included streamers, balloons, cutout hearts, roses, and all of the works without Stabile knowing about it. Everything was set up for her to be shocked and surprised the moment she stepped on the plane.

Some of the passengers were even holding cutouts of Inve’s face. And naturally, Stabile was surprised as soon as she emerged into the passenger cabin. She was greeted with all the decorations and the random cutouts of Inve’s face that some passengers were holding up to their own faces as well.

As she made her way down the aisle, she was trying to hold back her tears not too much success. She was also handed roses by a lot of the passengers on the plane.


Everyone was just smiling and cheering for joy as she made her way down the plane.

And at the end of the aisle, that’s where Inve was waiting for her. He was also just as happy and as emotional as she was. And when she finally made her way to him, they both shared a very intimate hug and that’s when he got down on one knee to propose to her.

The official Emirates Instagram account shared a video recounting the event along with this caption:

“Love is in the air(plane). Watch our customer Stefano surprise his girlfriend and Emirates’ cabin crew member Vittoria with a romantic inflight proposal, with some help from our cabin crew and passengers.”

Love really does work in amazing ways even when we aren’t aware of it. it can really inspire and motivate people to do these amazing things and generate a lot of joy and happiness and the lives of those they are around. And it’s also important to note that manifesting one’s love doesn’t always have to be done in such a grandiose manner.

Even the simplest efforts that one puts in every single day can be enough to make someone feel loved. It’s all a matter of just letting those emotions flow through you freely. It’s all a matter of staying true to how you feel and letting that drive the way that you act when you’re around your special someone.

You can watch the video below:

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