This simple technique us women need to know before we lose our man

An eye-opener that was once given to me!В Things became so much easier and so smooth once I really understood the concept and the importance of this technique. Before we do that, let’s get some facts straight and bring them on the table.

Women are naturally complicated because we are naturally more emotional and sensitive about us, our loved ones and our surroundings. We care a little too much and we love a little harder, that is just something we are born with. Can’t really help it, boys!

So that is the first thing we need to accept. For girls too, understand that men think, feel and act differently. They are called ‘instincts’ or ‘innate qualities’. The way you react to a situation and the way he reacts can vary drastically.

Expecting your partner to think the way you do is unfair with them, UNDERSTAND that they can’t. Once you accept this fact, trust me, things become a lot easier to go through, to work on!
Raise this load of unrealistic expectation off of your partner’s shoulders, if you truly love them.

Now that you have done that successfully, focus on working out a solution through this three-tier technique that might just open your eyes to how you view your partner.

Let’s take this situation literally. For example, you go to some exotic country and you go to a shop to get something, they have a diversified culture, you and this person you need to convey the message to, are coming from different backgrounds and you both don’t speak the same language either.В So, what do you do?В – Continue reading on next page

First of all, you go into thinking that they will never get what you are saying, the first time, so you prep yourself and stack up on your patience. You are ready to make the same effort at least two to three times so they get it. You have zero expectations from this person because you know how different you two are! SO there is really no disappointment when you or they fail the next time.
Secondly, you try and tell them in the simplest ways possible. In your face kind of things. Now, don’t go on trying to communicate with your partner in sign language!

But understand the meaning behind this. Try to be as communicatively simple as you can be. This means putting in the effort without thinking you look stupid or your ego constantly stopping you to do so.

Remember, they are your partner and there is no need to be egotistic about something.

Lastly, when they finally get you, you appreciate.

Don’t act like a stuck up person who doesn’t appreciate the little things their partner does for them. Don’t take what they do as their DUTY, they could really go on and find someone, they don’t need to perform this DUTY for. – Continue reading on next page

When your partner really tries to do something for you, appreciate because your appreciation acts as a reinforcement. This right here is basic human psychology, punishment and reward theory; where every act not reinforced with something fades away, every unwanted act is not rewarded or responded with a negative act makes it go away and finally, every wanted act needs to be rewarded in order to be reinforced.

So, all you have got to do that is help them understand what you like and what you don’t, what you want and what you don’t.

The successfulness of this technique really depends on how much you want this person in your life, how determined are you to make this relationship better and how well you make yourself understand the need to be patient.

The good thing about being patient, communicative and appreciative is that it might require some extra effort initially but it makes life a bed of roses, in the long term.

Like a machine whose parts have ridges and initially cause too much friction and breaks before they start working in complete symphony. Relationships are kind of like that, you need to condition those ridges and rough edges slowly and gradually with every cycle/problem with every obstacle and hurdle.

Soon, your relationship will be harmonious.В During this whole process, remember that you need to have faith on it. Don’t try to time it, don’t try to measure the efforts. For once, just don’t calculate and go with the flow.

The results will be tremendous and will leave you being a better and humble person. Your partner will appreciate this effort and we all know there is no reward bigger and better than that thankful and loving look your partner gives you, followed by a kiss.

Have faith in that look and that kiss.В Prepare yourself to take this leap of faith and to land on your bed of roses.

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