What Does it Mean When Your Crush Stares at You?

when your crush stares at you

Question: “Hey! This guy I have a crush on was recently staring at me! Does that mean he also has feelings for me? Should I talk to him?”

When your crush stares at you, it means he is noticing you. If you feel for him, you should look at him and smile. When your crush stares at you and you smile back at him, it’s going to make him remember the smile. This tiny gesture will make him remember you and think of you more. Your crush will be that much closer. Don’t be shy when he stares at you; let him know you’re noticing his appreciation by smiling at him.

What to do when your crush stares at you?

When your crush stares at you and you smile back, it may spark a conversation and develop into something more than just looking from afar. When two people are interested in each other, their smiles can say a lot. When you smile back at your crush, you two may end up talking to each other and becoming more involved in each other’s lives.

When he stares at you, he appreciates you because he likes you. Maybe he is too scared to approach you because he has no clue that he’s your crush. Make it easier for him by either approaching him or smiling back at him, so he starts feeling a bit easier about approaching you and talking to you. Life would be much simpler if we started talking about our feelings a little more. When you notice your crush noticing you, that’s one of the best times to make your move and talk to him. You can finally spark that relationship you’ve been thinking about for so long. A simple smile has that kind of power.

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