What Happens When You Break Up On Good Terms

Break up is agonising, it’s debilitating and it is extremely difficult. One feels absolutely hopeless and miserable after going through such a tough time. You abhor the individual, yet you adore the individual. But in the end, you wind up detesting yourself for loving them and being in a relationship with them, which in the long run prompts you despising them significantly more for making you still think about them. It’s really exhausting.

But have you ever thought about what happens if the break up is quiet? What really happens if there is no big fight or some incident that breaks the relationship? Or what happens when you both break up on good terms rather than the one leaving the other or cheating or any other reason?

A relationship can actually end on good terms. Sometimes, there is no antagonism between the two in the end. There are no fights involved in this kind of breakup, they don’t fight with you, and you don’t argue with them, no one really fights FOR each other, either. There aren’t any of those long mad texts sent to one another or fighting on call or anything.

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This kind of breakup is not really mutual every time it happens, but it occurs with self-respect on both sides. You won’t really think low of the other person even after the breakup. You won’t really end up at their door at 2 AM, sobbing and trying to get them back after this breakup.

People are mostly surprised when they hear the news about this breakup because they think nothing was ever wrong between the two. The friends won’t try to interfere after they understand the reason behind this breakup. And that is basically the whole thing about this breakup, nothing really goes wrong between the two. *Continue reading to next page*

There obviously are painful feelings in this breakup as well, but they are absolutely surpassed by the amount of love and respect you two had for one another. There is basically no pointless ˜drama’ involved in a ˜good term’ breakup.

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The main reason for such a ˜peaceful’ breakup is the respect between the two. The amount of respect doesn’t allow the two to engage in any kind of immature stuff. However, remember one thing here, there still is a bigger chance of one being really devastated because of the breakup but the amount of true love makes them look past it. It’s the whole, ˜you want the best for the person you really love’ concept behind this all. And yes, breaking up with someone you love, because you know it’s the right thing to do for them, is the ˜best’ thing you can do for them.

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So even if breaking up with that person was the toughest thing for you to do in your life, you still act like you’re happy in front of them because you don’t want to hurt that person’s feelings. Remember, in this very breakup, both the man and woman are indeed in the end, the bigger person.

One of the hardest things about this breakup is that those lingering feelings are and will always be there. There was no disastrous thing done for it to end, there was nothing like cheating or fighting or anything. This breakup occurred with a whisper rather than with a bang!

This breakup is considered to be the toughest one because it really makes it hard for the person to get over it. The reason here- the door never really got shut completely. The chapter never really ended. You can’t just stop loving someone at once without any solid reason.

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There may have been doubt in your minds, and that could’ve been the reason. There can still be a chance of having some feelings for one another, not those romantic ones, but still, like you know, to still stay good friends with each other. But then again, it’s easier said than done, you can act like you two are ˜good friends’ but when you see them with different persons, with someone else’s arms around them, well then, there can be a reaction or maybe those feelings try to come back. Even if you have promised yourself that you will be fine with whatever happens after the breakup and you’ll be okay with this friendship, it is still so hard seeing that person you once loved being in someone else’s arms now.В *Continue reading to next page*

You two still care about each other even after the breakup and that’s what makes ending things on good terms, quite rough in the end. There is this kind of an unavoidable attraction between you two that still keeps on pulling you two together, then there is this caring about each other thing, you still want to know how they are, how are people around them, what is going on in their life you are still concerned about them.

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In the end, both individuals get somewhat hurt, regardless of them being the one who is breaking up or the one on the receiving end. It becomes so tough after the breakup, so agonising, I mean, you see them, and you get a flashback of all those intimate memories you two have together, that very second. You think about the times you spent together, the things that you have shared with them. Everything, flashes in front of your eyes. How can you even face them without having those feelings again? It is like you’re ACTING now that there was never anything between you two and all you have now is this ˜good friendship’. But deep down inside you know, you know there was so much between you two! How can that all just go away?

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And obviously, there is this sexual chemistry between you two as well, that is SO hard to ignore after this breakup. You two have had those intimate moments, you can’t just forget them. But you ˜pretend’ that you have forgotten everything in front of them. That is really what you are left with in the end of this breakup a lot of acting and pretending.

Now you may think, is this breakup really ending things on ˜good’ terms? Or is it as bad as a normal breakup. It is always considered best to end a relationship on a positive note and that the two should really stay friends with each other, I mean this is considered to be the perfect ending scenario, right? But if you consider the factors mentioned above, the things that really happen after this breakup it is quite dangerous! It is quite hard because you can’t really get over it!

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Exactly at the point where you start to think you are over them, their name or a shared memory pops up right in front of your eyes and you’re back to square one again.

I myself think that, yes, it is hard to still remain ˜good friends’ with that person, but it is worth it in the end. I mean, look at it this way, you really loved this person, right? You really enjoyed their company, they used to make you happy, they understood you so, why throw it all away? Something is still better than having nothing at all!

No matter how tough it is to keep in touch after a mutual breakup, it still is the good thing to do. You kind of owe it to the time you had with this person, those moments of true love, you gotta create a connection to respect that time at least.

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Have you had a mutual breakup in your life or have they all been those terrible/painful ones? If you’ve had a mutual breakup, how are you two now? Let me know in the comments down below!

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