What It Feels Like To Be Cheated On

When you decide to ignore the love of a person for the sake of something temporarily exciting, you are bringing about a disaster and setting countless lives on the road to hell.

You are not just ˜having a fling’ you are making a decision that will, for eternity, affect a person’s life. Cheating feels good in the moment but just like lying, you realize later how things could have been simpler if only you had a shred of sense back then, if you had not let lust take over your integrity. Besides bringing about an enormous change in people’s lives, you turn some lives upside down without realizing; you emotionally traumatiseВ people for a lifetime when you cheat on them.

Love is like a delicate bird; you break a wing once and it shutters for all of its life.

Being cheated on can greatly damage a person’s idea of love, likewise. We dedicate ourselves to love when we are in a relationship. Our world revolves around the person and every little thing they do so when all of that is taken away, when we are made to realize that all our efforts and all our expectations are going to dust, we break badly. We detach ourselves from love for a long, long time and consider it impossible to feel so deeply for anybody ever again.


Along with everything we feel when someone chooses someone else over us, we feel immense self-doubt. It grows in us rapidly, snatching our confidence away and leaving us in a state of utter weakness. Emotionally, we render ourselves completely useless because the one person we were able to love did not love us back. Are we that unlikable?

Are we that much worthless that people can so easily replace us? Are we not good enough for the world? When you cheat, you induce a great dose of self-doubt sucking out their esteem leaving them in a miserable state. – Continue reading on the next page

For you, the encounter may have been nothing more than a thrilling incident where you thought living in the moment better than being concerned about the people depending on you back home. You might think of it as just an honest mistake later when you realize what you did but for the person you cheated, it is matter of life and death. Love can be as morbid as it can be beautiful.

Blurred Future

Most importantly and in the worst way possible, you tinge the person’s future when you cheat on them. When the fuss you created gets dealt with and everything is over, the new life we begin still has your touch left on it.

We deliberately keep people at a distance, missing opportunities that could have made our life better but we fear being cheated on just like we were with you. Our whole life becomes a game of dodging and skipping trying to save ourselves from the agony of heartbreak again, all because of the one careless act of yours.

We never love the same way when we are made to feel that our love is not as valued as we think it is and that there is always enough love available for people that ours does not make any difference. One mindless act of a person can so greatly shake all our ideas about love. Our relationships, all of them, become hollow and our trust becomes fragile, our actions meaningless.В – Continue reading on the next page

The Past

All those times when you said you loved us too, were you lying?

With a tainted future come all the realizations and questions running back from the past. We wonder if all those times when we were made to feel special were nothing but a show of fake concern. We ask ourselves if all the time spent together meant nothing and if all of it going to waste means that we were never really loved because if we were loved, we would have been considered respectable enough to not be cheated on.

They would have thought it through and left us before moving on with someone else they found to be a better partner. Do their wild decisions imply that we never really held a place in their minds, if not their hearts?

You also prove us wrong when you cheat. You make us doubt every decision we make and have made. Our opinions about you and your loyalty and honesty were proved wrong the moment you decided to cheat, leaving us to doubt every other decision we have ever made.

The worst thing you can put someone through is the pain of being heartbroken. With one cheating act of yours, you make a hundred things happen out of which not one affects you as badly as it does the person you cheat.

Have some respect for the person you once pledged your life to. If you feel a void growing between you two, take a break and try to settle things down instead of looking for other people to be with for the sake of love, if you ever felt any. Whatever you do, do not cheat for it brings about a disaster.

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