Who can really make us happy?

It takes two people to make any relationship work; including a marriage. Both the spouses need to be equally involved and invested in it. Be that as it may, the contentment of one of them holds more importance in terms of an overall happy marriage. Yes, the wife’s contentment. Hence; happy wife, happy life. It actually happens to be true.

This is evident from studies; that husbands who considered their marriage quality wasn’t good enough but their wives thought otherwise, were content with their lives in general. On the other hand, in the cases, where both the spouses weren’t satisfied with the quality of their marriage, the husbands weren’t satisfied with their lives overall either. (Carr, Freedman, Cornman, & Schwarz, 2014)

It is to be noted that the overall well being of the wives is not affected by the husbands’ opinion about marriage quality. Their well being is independent of it.

Men aren’t expressive

Even if they’re not satisfied with their marriage, men don’t say/show it. Since they’re accustomed to not sharing their feelings, they keep everything to themselves. This is why it is even difficult for their wives to notice if they’re unhappy. Hence, since women can never be sure on their husbands’ stance on marriage, they’d claim that the marriage is good even if the husbands think otherwise and vice versa. And it’s due to the same reason that women’s general well being remains unaffected.

Women being the expressive ones, if have any problems with the way things are, will complain about it or do something to let their husbands know. This is how the misery of a wife can negatively affect the husband’s general well being. And naturally, they’d both work on it to make things better and to bring them back to the way they were before the problems arose.

Wives that are happy in a marriage can improve their husbands’ lives generally

If the wife is happy in a marriage, while the husband isn’t; she can help him in a lot of ways. She could provide emotional support, help him with his share of chores around the house, get him to share his worries, and engage him sexually among other things.

Men tend to have privilege in the fact that women are more inclined on providing love, care and support, hence men end up having a general sense of satisfaction about their lives.

A happy wife always goes the extra mile for her husband, leaving a positive effect on him.

Keeping the Mrs. happy

Communicate. If you’re always in tune with each other, anything bothersome that comes up can be dealt with. On the other hand, without communication it often becomes difficult to cope with a lot of situations.

Appreciate her for the things she does. Make her feel loved. Don’t make her feel that the things that she does are for you are expected of her. Reciprocate the feelings, the actions and things will work out for the best.

Even though happy wife, happy life stands true, that doesn’t mean that it’s only the wife’s happiness that matters. At the end of the day, both the spouses need to give it all in their marriage in order to make it thrive. Don’t neglect each other. Prioritize your marriage above everything else. Be expressive of your feelings, not just with words but with actions too. Since marriage is a work in progress, keep working!

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