11 Physically Attractive Things You Should Do To Make Him Fall For You

Intimacy is the key to making him fall for you. And here’s exactly what you should do to make it happen.

Navigating relationships and romance can be really difficult – especially if you’re relatively inexperienced in the field. You don’t know what to do. You don’t understand just how you can get another person to fall for you. You want to get intimate and affectionate with someone special but you don’t exactly know how to go about it.

Well, that’s okay. No one has all of the answers right away. And it’s good that you’re reading articles like this. It shows that you’re willing to learn. It shows that you’re humble enough to acknowledge that you have room for growth.

Now, the first thing that you have to learn at this moment is the importance of intimacy in a relationship. What is intimacy? In a nutshell, it’s the level of closeness between two human beings. So the higher levels of intimacy between you and someone, the closer you more comfortable you are with each other.

And just because you’re only starting to date doesn’t mean that you don’t get the right to be intimate with him. In fact, this is the stage where you should really start building the foundations of intimacy for your relationship. And that’s exactly what this article is going to layout for you.

Now, of course, all of us are different. We are all unique and special human beings who have different tastes and fetishes. There are a limitless number of ways in which you can go about trying to get a guy to fall for you. And a lot of the time, it’s trial and error.

But that doesn’t mean that you should just be throwing whatever you have to the wall in the hopes that something sticks. You still need to have structure. You need to have a strategy. You need to make sure that you are putting your best self forward. And how do you do that? Well, you could engage in some of the best practices of breeding intimacy in a relationship.

If you do this fairly early in your relationship, then you are automatically giving him permission to be intimate with you as well. And when you put yourself out there, you are opening that door for him as well. So don’t be afraid to just make yourself vulnerable. That’s part of falling in love. Just be genuine and hope for the best. Here are 11 intimate things that you should do to make him fall for you.

1. Be the one who initiates the conversation with him.

Show him that you’re confident. Show him that you’re interested. Show him that you don’t have any plans of being passive about your feelings for him.

2. Always establish eye contact when you’re talking to him.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say. To establish that intimacy with him by always maintaining eye contact when you talk.

3. Be honest with him at all times.

Honesty is one of the most important hallmarks of intimacy. You can’t possibly get closer to another person if you aren’t being genuine and honest with him. He needs to be able to trust you if you want him to be intimate with you.

4. Be intimate without being needy.

There is a difference between being clingy and intimate. You want to be closer to him, but you don’t want to latch on to him.

5. Be confident in who you are when you’re with him.

Just be your true genuine self. He’s going to be able to tell if you’re being fake and inauthentic. And he will not want to be intimate with you if you can’t be honest about who you are.

6. Grab at any opportunity you have to bond with him.

Try to connect with him in various ways. Ask him about his interests and take an interest in those things as well. It gives you both an opportunity to bond over something that is important to him.

7. Be more open to trying and exploring new things with him.

It really goes a long way if you show him that you are open-minded and adventurous. Prove to him that you’re capable of going outside of your comfort zone for your relationship.

8. Build a solid foundation of friendship first.

You should be friends. You should have each other’s backs. You should be able to make him feel like he can rely on you to be there for him whenever he’s feeling weak and vulnerable.

9. Maintain an air of mystery.

Don’t give him everything at once. Keep him coming back for more by making him feel like you have so much more to offer him. It gives him something to look forward to if he stays with you.

10. Refrain from being so rigid and uptight.

You are opening the door for him if you present yourself as someone who is flexible and adaptable. If you are too uptight, you are making it harder for him to be intimate with you. Learn to roll with the punches and ride the waves a little bit.

11. Build a life for yourself that you can be proud of.

Part of having an intimate relationship is being able to present yourself as an independent woman. Show him that you have a great life without him – but you choose to be with him anyway.