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relationship rules

The Philosophy Behind Our Logo

Just like everything else in our brand, our logo represents love and oneness. It is basically a heart that is formed by two lovers holding each other.

Social Media Presence.

Relationship Rules began as a passion project back in October, 2012. Our first social media presence was on Facebook, which now has a following of 17 million loving and caring followers we consider family. Since 2012, we have branched out into multiple social media outlets.

50 Rules of a Relationship e-Book

Written and illustrated by Relationship Rules, this tiny e-book contains fifty life-changing rules to live by. Whether you’re single, in a happy relationship, going through a divorce, or trying to find your path – this small e-book will do wonders for your mind.

Heartbreaks & Healing

From Hating My Life to Loving Every Minute e-Book

This book was written by me to talk about all of the hardships I had to face when the love of my life decided to just get up and walk away. It took everything away from me. This book talks about the journey I went on, the journey to find myself again.

Happy Vibes


Join Our Official Support Group

Relationship Rules Support Group is our official Facebook Group with over 100,000 active members willing to help each other out during the tough times in their lives.