15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios

Any Scorpios in the house?

Being in a relationship has its tough moments along with its good bits. And if you’re in a relationship or have been with a Scorpio, know that being committed to one is both easy and hard, more so as compared with the other signs. One of the water signs, Scorpios have a personality as deep as the murky waters. And just like water, they are highly reflective of their surroundings.

Often times, they can be difficult to read. Having a feisty and intense nature, Scorpios give you some of the best or some of the worst experiences and memories you will ever get depending on your behavior with them.

Scorpios are considered as the sexiest sign in the zodiac. They are ruled by both Mars and Pluto. As amazing as they are, dating a Scorpio isn’t always easy – dating a Sagittarius isn’t a swift walk in the park either. If you are dating, or have dated, a Scorpio, chances are the following things are true about the brutally honest side of Scorpio. If you’re planning on dating a Scorpio then keep these facts in mind about Scorpios:

1. Scorpios are sexier than anyone you’ve ever met before

Don’t try to resist a Scorpio’s natural pull. You will fail terribly and end up making a fool of yourself. They don’t even try; it just comes naturally. Being dominant, henceforth, in relationships is just their thing.

So, let’s say you find yourself mysteriously attracted to some weird guy with a beard and hipster looks who sleeps on newspapers in the subway and likes telling you that the end of the world is close, chances are he is a Scorpio and is amazing in bed. Don’t go on the looks alone.

2. Scorpios are always dominant, controlling one in a relationship

Scorpios are obsessed with being the more dominant, controlling one. They will do all in their power to get what they want. Controlling things and situations put them at that more responsible stage which, truth be told, works better than you officially thought, because they get the job done.

So even when you think your Scorpio partner isn’t in control or isn’t dominant, they are. They just play along until the moment is right to put you in your place again. Don’t make the mistake of getting too comfortable.

3. Scorpios always win

They are tenacious and strong-willed to the point of being relentless; occasionally being manipulative and sturdier than anyone else you know or have known. You should want them on your team because that means your team will win.

They know exactly what they want, what they deserve, and how to get it. That also means sometimes they may go to the extreme to accomplish that, hurting some feelings on the way.

4.  They do care a lot about their privacy

Scorpios like keeping their things and secrets to themselves. It takes a lot of time and effort to make them open up. They, therefore, value their privacy a lot and hate it when someone pries in. If the person you’re dating doesn’t want to become a Facebook official, it is not because they are cheating or boring. It is because they don’t want others to poke their nose in their business.

This happens to be doubly true if you’re dating a Scorpio. So if your partner doesn’t have any social media or even keeps a diary in a lockbox in a hidden safe within their apartment, it’s a safe bet that they are a Scorpio. Don’t make the mistake of prying into their stuff.

5. Scorpios are deep observers

They like to know everything about you even the tiny things you consider insignificant about yourself. They like to observe either from afar or up close, formulate their own beliefs and sometimes put them to the test too if it comes down to that.

They are natural investigators and they are curious. Let them in. Otherwise, they will side-eye you forever and wonder what you’re up to, which might, in turn, make you feel somewhat uncomfortable. So it’s best to just let them observe.

6. Darkness intrigues them

Scorpios are fascinated by darker things and some tend to be official necrophiliacs too. Scorpios are famous for their deep interests in the grotesque, death, horror, noir, the supernatural, and sometimes even the occult.

They seem to be intrigued by such aspects. That makes them all the more interesting, in away. Surpassing what we might call beliefs and habits of the normal, Scorpios have a wild imagination fuelled mostly by the darker side of things and people.

7. Scorpios have a sarcastic sense of humor

The things they find funny can make others view them as bad’ or mean’ people. But do not judge them for it. Instead, consider it a good thing that at least someone has the ability to find humor in otherwise ghastly things because it makes life a whole lot easier to get by with.

Their ability to crack jokes even in the most serious of situations makes them stand out in the crowd much like Chandler’s witty and way too sarcastic sense of humor was in Friends. So the next time you hear a Scorpio cracking a highly sarcastic comment or the joke even in a grave timing, do not take it personally.

8. They don’t care about others’ opinions

You know how everyone says they don’t care what anyone else thinks about them, about what they do and say? Well, Scorpios actually mean it. They are simply their own person, always comfortable in their own skin and so, having others’ opinions about them does not faze them in any way.

They will do what makes them happy, content, and the best version of themselves. They will not stop to consider what the world says or thinks about them for doing things their way.

9. Scorpios are brutally straightforward

They are not one to hide the truth from you. Though sometimes, they tend to spill a little too much. Even that turns out to be for the best in the long run of things. If you want to know their opinion about something they do not ask if you cannot stand their honesty. It might sting a bit. But then again, all of the truth is bitter.

10. Scorpios can be a little psychic

They tend to have a little psychic and intuitive abilities or even slightly psychotic, mainly depending on how cynical you are with them. Also, one of those many things that make a Scorpio the more interesting one among the two of you. Scorpios have a knack for predicting the future using their personal gut feelings and observational skills and knowing what you’re thinking before you open your mouth even.

This can also be attributed to their keen memory. They keep tabs on everything and everyone; it offers them a sense of control, again. So just roll with it, but do not expect them to do parlor tricks with that skill.

11. They are fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones

If you tell a Scorpio about someone who hurt you in some way or robbed you of what was your right or bullied you as a child then do not be startled when they hold you close, find whoever hurt you, and kill everything that they love. As mentioned before, Scorpios have a wild and intense nature in basically everything they do and say.

That also goes for matters of the heart; where loyalty to the ones they hold dear is vital as well as protecting them is. Scorpios will sacrifice their own cause and life to ensure you are safe. It goes against everything they believe in, to leave their loved ones hanging. Love means a great deal to a Scorpio. It is rather their biggest driving force in this life. So if you so much as even think of cheating on a Scorpio, know that they hate having their loyalty taken for granted and so, they will do anything to make you realize what a big mistake you have made cheating on them.

12.  They are very resourceful with a lot of discretion

This is among the best things about a Scorpio. They make some of the best friends and lovers you will ever have. When you call them in the middle of the night asking for help, they will certainly do so, no questions asked just for your sake, and not only that but they will also be discrete about it later on.

As they like to bottle things up, Scorpios are also amazing at keeping secrets of others. This makes others trust them with their stories almost instantly. This is all because mainly, Scorpios believe that it is not their place to just go and rant on about someone else’s secrets.

Because they value their own privacy so much and know exactly what it feels like to have that invaded, they do not treat others the same way. When they see the timing is right, they might spill the can of worms for you but their discretion far outweighs this possibility. However, do not think they will let go or forget about it they have a very good memory.

So the next time you think of doing a Scorpio wrong, just remember that your secret is saved with them and to get back at you, they might just disclose it.

13. Scorpios have built-in detectors for lies

Scorpios have an incredible memory as well as an innate ability to detect the truth in any given situation, so your best chance to make it work with a Scorpio is to not even try sugar-coating or lying to them, come what may.

The only thing you will do is make them angry, and you would not like them when they get angry. Their fierce side will instantly get the best of them and they might do or say something you both will end up regretting, so it is best to steer clear of lies and betrayal in case of a Scorpio.

14. Scorpios can be very cunning

They can be highly vindictive, having very few qualms about destroying you if you do them wrong. Knowing the art of manipulation quite well, Scorpios will hit you just where it hurts to get what they, to avenge you of some wrong you did to them even if it was in the past. They hold grudges for a long time too.

15. They know how to treat people the way they should be

Do not fool a Scorpio to be nice with you continue even after you are not nice to them. Do not expect them to let you go easy if you cheat on them, lie to them, hide something important to them, or misjudge them. Since they are deep thinkers with impressive observational skills, Scorpios have a crystal clear vision of what you deserve, the kind of treatment they should give you no matter your obvious claims.

They treat everyone around them just the way they should be treated. This makes them among the most original people you will ever come across. It does not, however, mean they will take advantage of their ability to know who deserves what. Rather, they will make you see how worthy or not so worthy, for that matter, you are and make you understand exactly what you deserve.


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  1. This is spot on accurate!:This is me, you just explained everything about me! Loves it!! November 9th Scorpio!!! Ty ty

    1. You are absolutely 100% so correct its erie in a way how could one possibility guess these carecteristics so accurately.🤔One might wonder if there maybe more to this than meets the eye. Nov/8

      1. Your description is super correct ,you are absolutely right as you basically describe me.Oct 25th

  2. I was born on 31st October, which means that I belong to this kind of a personality. I am a Chistian meaning I should not have beliefs in these things but honestly I am a pure description of a scorpio.

    1. God made the stars. People just read them. You are not worshiping your zodiac sign. Only observations. There is nothing that says you cannot be Gods child and a Scorpio

    2. I have a Scorpio man that has been caught cheating many many times. They are not loyal at all when it comes to being in a relationship. Sex is great but they wanna have it with everybody they can

  3. Im a Scorpio,and everything that was said is 100% on point. I was amazed at how precise this really was. My husband was like, yes that’s you to a T…

  4. Very accurate. Currently trying to “talk” to a scorpion. Being a scorpion, I’m not to sure this could work.

  5. I am also a SCORPIO! This is almost 100% the most accurate about SCORPIO I have ever read!!!!! November 9th 1959.

  6. I made some terrible mistake with my scorpion guy, most of those mistakes were memtioned above. Now he’s returning to his ex. while I’m carrying his baby. We got married recently coz my parents demanded it. But after the wedding, he returned to his ex.

    1. People make mistakes, Aya. It doesn’t make partners run away. And the scenario you’re describing, I wish you all of my love and support.

    1. Hi 29/10 here too. 100 percent true. Coz i know myself and I’m a Scorpio. The stars don’t lie coz they’re been in the sky eversince. 😉

  7. i am nov 1 61968 and this is me down to a tee awsome job i ove being a scorpio wouldnt want to be anything else GllennBarnes my girlfriend is also scorpio what a pair we are awsom e together we are fighting right now im hoping for the best i praying we are so stubborn in our ways wow

    1. Good luck with your Scorpio + Scorpio relationship. I too was in one myself (Oct 30th here) and it was the best and worst at the same time. True love always wins, what’s meant to be will be ❣️

  8. Im a Cancer engaged to a Scorpio man (Oct 23) Even though on the cusp this brutally honest list is spot on!!! His seductively mysterious vibe is what attracted me to him when we first met. My struggle is that he is also a recovering drug addict and with his Scorpio born-in traits makes me truly see that it carries on beyond love. Like its a different category on on its own. Ive studied hard and played out well with coping and winning without any battles. This was very insightful info. Now I gotta go check out my list traits!

    1. Don’t leave him….he’ll be right behind ..just beside oe even in shadows….he’ll be there when you lookup for him… through hell or heaven. Scorpio Cancer will be blessed…for a blissful life…God bless you guys..!

  9. Well done VERY Well thought out thoroughly in site full as well as enlightening 2 me as a Scorpio /16 Nov. So Ladies I’m available & anxiously waiting G.Y.

  10. This is so me! November 15th. Oddly though my husband is also a Scorpio. Oct. 29th. It’s no wonder he hates it when I have more fun than him when his friends enjoy my company! LOL! Oh well…

  11. Yes My Beautiful Wife is a Scorpio and this article is ?% accurate!! She is AWESOME AND AMAZING IN EVERY WAY I❤️U Mrs Patterson ?

  12. My best friend of many years is a Scorpio and I’m completely amazed and how well you describe his character. I am truly impressed you summed it up best.

  13. Lynn im 11/11 tooooo. Im a scorpio and this is the text that mostly describes me that i ever read. thank you.

  14. I’m also Scorpio, 11/11 here too! Almost everything describes me. I wonder if my husband got attracted to me because I’m mysteriously sexy. ??

  15. I have been with 2 Scoripuo’s, and i wished I’d of never met them, I’m Cancer woman, i loved them with all of my heart, But they both, ran around on me, lied to me, i did everything in my power for them, but they just took advantange of me, they just got what they could out of me, the last scorpio i was with, he went around telling everyone that he had a sugar Mam, if they was like him, they could have one to, he has been with every hoe around his area and some outside, we’ve been broke up for almost 3 years, he was perfect with me for a year, he made sure he set his love for me in stone, so when he picked his day to do his 360, IT HURT ME BEYOND ANY HURT I’VE EVER FELT IN MY LIFE, SO TO ME SCORPIOS ARE THE WORST AT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE, TAKING WHATEVER THEY NEED FOR THEMSELVES, NOT CARING WHO THEY HURT IN THE PROCESS, SO ALL THAT BULL ABOUT THEM LOVING, AND NOT CARING WHAT TIME OF THE NIGHT THEY’LL COME RUNNING, NOPE, THERES ALWAYS SOMETHING MORE EXCITING OR SOME GIRL MORE IMPORTANT, DONT MATTER THAT THE WOMEN THAT HE WAS WITH FOR 3 YEARS, TOOK CARE OF HIM AND PUT OUT ALOT OF MONEY, HES NOT GONNA COME HELP ME IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. Oh but you can bet when hes in a bad situation, he’ll call my phone, and of COARSE I’LL GO GET HIM, HE’LL STAY WITH ME, LONG ENOUGH TO MAKE ME HAPPY TO SEE HIM, THEN HE’LL JUST HUG ME, TELL ME THANK YOU, AND LEAVE AGAIN, LEAVING ME HURT ALL OVER AGAIN. HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO DATE ANYONE , OR ANYTHING, ITS LIKE I’M STUCK I CAN’T GO FOREARD WITH MY LIFE. SCREW SCORPIO’S,

  16. I never thought all these, about scorpio are true. It’s my friends acquaintance and eventually my husband who confirmed that l have all these traits. Nov.7

  17. Scorpio woman here and this is so spot on, thank you for taking the time to understand us Scorpios not many do. Nov 1st

  18. Spot on. Accuracy at its best. You nailed it. Everything told is factual and true essence of a real scorpio which I am( 5th Nov.)

  19. I am a Scorpio, Nov.1st, 1957…
    Most of the description for Scorpios applies to me, except for being drawn to the dark arts…I am not drawn to them at all.
    Otherwise everything else seems quite accurate

  20. You described everything that I’ve been discovering in my new relationship! I would never even think of cheating on him or lying to him! Why be in a relationship if you aren’t honest & trustworthy? He’s a former mental health counselor & tells me things about myself that I don’t particularly like to hear but like you said…..

  21. Unbelievable! you just explained my husband (11/06/71) except for one part I’m a Gemini (06/10/58) loyal to a core and he’s a Scorpio . I’m 14 years his senior, and he cheated on me, after 7 years and I left him and he had a baby with somebody else but now we are considering 10 years later getting back together. He says he really loves me we’ve been married 15 years. I’m completely confused .. on one hand I want to believe its true… on the other hand I don’t trust him at all…but not sure if this will work. Gemini and Scorpio are both great lovers .. I don’t think it will hold our marriage together.. and we are both communicators constantly talking over each other lol..just not so sure about the he wants to control me stuff because I’m quite the control freak myself.
    I’m pretty sure I love is worth fighting for but it’s the fighting part that drives me crazy neither one of us is calm..


  23. EVERYTHING about this article describes me!!! I mean I have read a LOT of articles about scorpios, but most are a lot more vague. GREAT JOB!! Interesting to read about myself. You should proof- read it though. ??

  24. Can you do one on Scorpio and Scorpio relationships. Cuz this was pretty accurate and both my husband and I are Scorpio’s . Lol

  25. Just as I expected, completely right on. We Scorpios are complex by nature, but for the right person, it’s so worth it for both sides. No lies, cheating, etc…that’s the fastest way to ruin a relationship. Loyal to a fault and love with all of our hearts. The best read for me was the beginning, describing the 6 best zodiac relationships. #1. Cancer and Scorpio. I personally know this to be very true. A dynamic you can’t fight. I’m currently in a relationship with an old boyfriend from high school. It’s just as strong now as it was then. Praying it works in the long run. Thanks.

  26. I’ve been involved with a Scorpio off and on fir the last two years. He lies, is a cheater, a braggart,our, obnoxious, and the worst lover I’ve ever experienced. I’m a Leo, and there’s just zero physical attraction.

  27. I am a Scorpio 28 October but sometimes I lie to protect my ppl or take blame for them of the mistakes that I’ve never done… Other things are very true in this post..

  28. yes i’m a scorpio and mostly everything that you have provided is so true about me, i’m discovering many things about my ownself. Feeling deserved!

  29. Yes I believe everything said is right on target. I am a Scorpio 11/20/1947 I would be happy to say more, but i believe I should be made for my remarks.

  30. I don’t mean to be dominant or always win. The reason that seems the case is because the real winner in any situation is “truth”. It and love are the only real power on this planet. Some people just do not get it. They think there is a need to be better than others even if that means being fake or lying. That is the beginning of the end of their dreams of getting anywhere. On this planet or any other. Honesty is sexy. We know what we like and what you like. It’s really a win/win. So don’t read too much into anything. We are all worthy of truth and love… equally. I have no need or desire to be the winner… that is why I always win. lol Love and peace.

  31. This is a lot like my Scorpio husband. However, he is not, and has never been protective, comforting nor supportive when I have had rough times. I was thinking while I was reading this,, that I think it is funny how it sounds somewhat like a narcissist. Which isn’t true, but a few things match only. Thank you for the posting!

  32. This was the most accurate description of me(Scorpio) I have ever read. And I mean about 95% accurate because I know the negative sides to my personality and manage them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there like you described.
    October 31st birthday

  33. November 7 I was reading this and talking about hitting the nail right on the head description is spot on

  34. This is probably the best description of a scorpio that I’ve ever read, Nov 7. I married a cancer, the first relationship I couldn’t just straight up over power, but I still totally control things behind the scenes and give him grief when I don’t get my way 😆

  35. My boyfriend and I are both scorpios. We have been together for two years. And it just works. To my surprise its the best relationship I have ever had! No lie! Your article is dead on the money!

  36. November 10th is my birthday…As I was sitting here reading me life as you so accurately put it. I smiled…Scorpiooooo all day…

  37. I am a scorpio but a lot of these dont describe me. i am more silent if i do anything and do more behind the scenes instead of straight forward. i am loyal but i want my partner to be happy even if it means they end up with someone else

  38. Yes I’m a Scorpio & damn proud of it. You are spot on we make great lovers, we love hard & forever your friend. My birthday is November 14tn thanks so much for sharing this. This is me all the way !!

  39. I can’t believe how much I related to every word this article. It’s eerie..I feel like this is a true description of me, Word for Word. Everything except the part about being a necrophiliac.
    Scorpio through and through ♏️

  40. Yes I would love to see a scorp and scorp relationship, I have recently met a male Nov 16 scorp and we seem to get along pretty well. He is 100% all of the above. Myself, most is me except I am NOT brutally straightforward, I don’t like to hurt feelings,

  41. Im a aries and my partner is a scorpio we’ve been together nearly 16 yrs we’ve had our ups and downs and yes they tend to lie alot and very secretive don’t know how we do it sometimes.

  42. This 110% true facts right here they nailed it to the T and I’m proud to say I’m a Scorpio November 12th 1980

  43. Everything is true…
    I not a Scorpio but I’m dating one and I can say it’s all accurate.. it’s amazing.

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