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relationship rules

Hi there, we are Relationship Rules.

Founded in 2012.

It all started with a simple idea that came into existence when the need for a love-based Facebook Page grew. Ours was the pioneer Facebook Page for thought-provoking quotes, meaningful videos, and exceptional content. Sixteen million fans later, here we are.

Social Media Presence


relationship rules

Our logo represents love and oneness. It is basically a heart that is formed by two lovers holding each other. It was designed in-house back in 2012. We keep playing with the colors but our logo stays the same.

The iconic “RR” is written in League Gothic. It’s one of our brand’s most-used fonts and we are simply in love with it! Check out the people behind League Gothic.

A Community of Hope


Our official group on Facebook is a very close-knit “private” community of human beings who share their problems and traumas with each other without judgment or societal pressures.


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We serve roughly 100,000 avid readers per day. If you would like to advertise with us, apply to become an Ad Partner here.

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Being a media channel that curates original content without compromise, we require properly licensed images and videos. If you’d like to be our Media Partner, reach out to us at finances@marketfront.sg

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