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Be The Girl Who Is Brave Enough To Walk Away From Things That Don’t Make You Happy

You need to be the girl who is actually brave enough to walk away from the things that don’t bring happiness into your life. That means having to walk away from situations that don’t make you happy. That means having to walk away from people who don’t make you happy. You need to be the […]

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Soon Enough, You Will Realize That You Messed Up By Leaving Her, She Was Your Soulmate

You found a really great girl. She has definitely made life worth your while just by existing in it. She loved you with all of her heart. She loved you more than you could probably even comprehend. And yet, none of that was enough for you. You still managed to find it in your heart […]

Fake Love Quotes Quotes

It’s Either You Want Me Or You Don’t – There Are No Half Measures

I am so sick and tired of playing the games that are involved with falling in love. I am so over all of that immature nonsense. I no longer want to keep wasting my time with people who are only going to play around with me; with people who don’ take me seriously. When it […]