Shirley MacLaine Reveals Surprising Plan For Her 90th Birthday

Shirley MacLaine is the superstar of the showbiz world. She’s been rocking the screens for ages, starting way back in the 1950s. And guess what? Even after almost 70 years, she’s still shining bright like a diamond!

MacLaine became a big deal in the 1950s with standout roles in movies like “The Trouble with Harry” and “Some Came Running.” Critics went wild for her acting chops in those flicks, and from then on, her career just kept on soaring high.

As Shirley MacLaine gears up to hit the big 90 on April 24th, she’s spilling the beans on her birthday plans. Despite reaching this incredible milestone, she’s still passionate about acting, leaving no room for distractions. In a recent interview, she revealed that while turning 90 is a major deal, she’s not going all out with a grand bash – she’s keeping it low-key, just like the classy legend she is.

Once again, Shirley MacLaine showed how much she loves her job by saying that on her birthday, she’s planning to work. While many people might take a break on their special day, she’s choosing to keep busy with her acting career.

“I’m going to be on a set,” the actress said. “I’ll be in Atlantic City.”

Shirley MacLaine and Peter Dinklage are teaming up for the movie titled “American Dreamer.”

“American Dreamer” is a dark comedy that revolves around a struggling, underpaid professor who dreams of owning his own house. His aspirations seem impossible until he unexpectedly inherits a lavish estate from a wealthy widow. This marks the first collaboration between Shirley MacLaine and Peter Dinklage.

In her interview, MacLaine happily shared her experience of working with Dinklage. She admitted that since it was their first time collaborating, she thought there might be some difficulties. But to her surprise, everything went super smoothly. She even mentioned, “we really hit it off.”

She added, “I think that we should care more about what the American democracy means,” she said.

“We seem to have forgotten what it means, and I think it’s time we get back into the level of reality of understanding American democracy.”

Meanwhile, Peter gushed, “It was one of the greatest experiences of my career.”

The film, which also features Danny Glover and Matt Dillon, is actually based on a true story.

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