Study Reveals that the Youngest Sibling Might Actually Have the Best Sense of Humor

Just because two people grow up in the same household together doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have the same personalities or lives. That’s why it happens pretty often that certain siblings may carry personality traits that their other siblings may not possess.

It’s always going to be a different case for every family, given that we all go through different circumstances and are exposed to a variety of different experiences. However, a fascinating finding has surfaced recently courtesy of the polling experts at the YouGov organization based in the United Kingdom.

In a study conducted by YouGov, it was found that the youngest sibling is likely to be the funniest one out of the bunch.

Now, there is no definitive reason why this is the case. However, much of the theory stems from the idea that a child’s birth order can dramatically impact the kind of personality that they are going to have. Much of that also has to do with the fact that parents treat their kids differently based on their birth order. And these differences and treatments can lead to a further difference in their personalities.

Why a Birth Order Matters

A lot of the time, parents will say that they love and treat all their children equally. And even though they might really think that they’re telling the truth when they say that, the reality is often the opposite. Whether intentionally or not, parents will always tend to treat their kids differently for a variety of different reasons.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that some children are more or less loved than the others. It’s just that kids will have different personalities that often require different parenting approaches. This is entirely normal behavior and shouldn’t really be a cause for concern.

That’s why siblings might differ from one another while they’re growing up. Elder siblings are likely to be more parental and thoughtful because they are the eldest and carry a heavier sense of responsibility.

Middle children are prone to feeling neglected because parents will tend to offer more focused attention to kids that fall on either the eldest or youngest side of the spectrum. For the youngest kids, studies have shown that they might actually be the funniest.

A Sense of humor

In its research study, YouGov consulted 1782 people for their opinions on their family members. Essentially participants were asked to rank their family members on various characteristics like who would be the most responsible, calm, or funny.

And in that study, it was found that the youngest sibling was often ranked as the funniest. Older siblings ranked the youngest as the funniest, while the youngest kids also ranked themselves as the funniest.

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