When Love Meets Resistance: Winning Over Your Partner’s Parents

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where your partner’s parents don’t quite warm up to you as you had hoped. While it can be a challenging and disheartening experience, it’s important to remember that it’s a common issue many couples face. Building positive relationships with your partner’s parents is crucial for the long-term health of your relationship, so let’s explore some strategies to help you mend those bridges.

1. Self-Reflection: Understand Your Feelings

Before taking any steps to address the situation, it’s essential to understand your own feelings. Ask yourself why you care about what your partner’s parents think of you. Recognize any insecurities or fears you might have, and try to address them internally.

2. Communicate with Your Partner

Talk to your partner and be honest about how their parents feel about you. Make sure you both understand each other and agree on how to deal with the problem together. Your partner can be a big help in this situation.

3. Be Respectful and Patient

Being respectful and patient is important when trying to make your partner’s parents like you. Be kind and polite to them, even if they aren’t the same way with you. It takes time to build trust, so don’t rush it; think of it as a long journey, not a quick race.

4. Find Common Ground

Try to identify common interests or topics of conversation with your partner’s parents. Whether it’s a shared hobby, a love of pets, or a favorite vacation spot, finding common ground can help create a stronger connection.

5. Show Genuine Interest

When you interact with your partner’s parents, show genuine interest in getting to know them. Ask about their lives, experiences, and perspectives. Listening and showing that you value their stories can make a significant difference.

6. Maintain Boundaries

While building a positive relationship is important, it’s also crucial to maintain healthy boundaries. Avoid oversharing or becoming overly involved in their lives. Strike a balance between being friendly and respecting their personal space.

7. Respect Their Values

Your partner’s parents may have different values, traditions, or beliefs. Be respectful of their perspective, even if it differs from your own. Show that you are willing to learn from their experiences and respect their way of life.

8. Apologize and Forgive

If there were problems or fights before, it’s okay to say sorry if you think you did something wrong. Also, be ready to forgive if you think they did something wrong. Saying sorry and forgiving each other can make things better and fix old problems.

9. Seek Common Ground with Your Partner

Work with your partner to find a solution to the situation. They may have insights or suggestions based on their knowledge of both you and their parents. Together, you can come up with a strategy to improve the relationship.

Be Prepared for Possible Outcomes

Remember that despite your best efforts, it’s possible that your partner’s parents may never fully embrace you. If that’s the case, don’t take it personally. Focus on maintaining a strong bond with your partner and the other important people in your life.


Dealing with a partner’s parents who don’t like you can be tough, but you can make it better. Think about your own actions, talk to your partner, and try to be friendly. The most important thing is to make your relationship with your partner stronger. With time and work, you can get along with your in-laws or at least not let their opinions harm your relationship. Focus on making your relationship with your partner better to overcome these challenges and have a happier future.

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