11 Signs That You Are In A Real Committed Romance (Not Just Sex)

How can you tell if you’re in a relationship that’s actually the real deal? How do you know if you can actually count on your significant other to stay committed to you? Relationships are so dynamic and volatile. They can be very hard to predict or contain.

Just because you’ve defined the relationship and you’ve put a label to things doesn’t necessarily mean that you can assure yourself of the level of commitment in your romance. More than labels and words, commitment is really manifested through actions.

But what actions are these? Well, if you’re totally insecure about the level of commitment in your relationship, you don’t have to fret. There are certain signs and signals that you can be on the lookout for to help you put your mind at ease.

If you find that a lot of the things that are listed in this article can apply to your relationship, then be proud. You are in a real committed romance with your significant other. Just enjoy the love that you have and make sure that you don’t take it for granted.

1. You make it a point to spend lots of time with each other.

Time is the most precious and valuable thing that you could ever give to another person. It’s precious because people never really do make time for the things that aren’t important to them. So if you and your partner are consciously making time for each other, it just goes to show that you really are committed to your love for one another.

2. You buy random things that you know the other would appreciate.


It doesn’t have to be something grand. Even something as simple as bringing home your partner’s favorite dish from a nearby restaurant is a clear indicator of serious commitment to one another.

3 You give each other the key to your house or apartment (if you don’t already live with one another).

No one would ever just nonchalantly hand out the keys to their home or apartment without reason. If you and your partner give each other full access to your homes, then that’s a huge sign that you’re really committing to each other. There are no more closed doors in your relationship at all.

4. You broadcast your commitment to each other on social media.

In this day and age, there’s no downplaying the prominence of social media in social interactions. If you and your partner are essentially broadcasting your relationship on social media, you are also declaring to the world that you’re really serious about the love that you have for each other.

5. You get into real contracts together.

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It’s not just about the social contracts that come attached to dating and getting exclusive. It speaks volumes to the commitment you have for one another whenever you start getting into real contracts together. For instance, if you’re using both your names when you put your money down for a new apartment, that’s real commitment right there.

6. You take a trip together with just the two of you.

When two people vacation together, that can serve as a huge test for compatibility. If you and your partner take that step, then you are really serious about being together. No doubt about it.

7. You freely talk about the intimate details of your bodily functions.

Your relationship has reached a level of comfort wherein you don’t cross each other out anymore. You don’t judge one another. You have completely humanized each other to the point where nothing surprises you about the other.

8. You keep your eyes on the future of the relationship.

You are both forward-thinking when it comes to your relationship. You aren’t content with the mere present. Yes, you are having a lot of fun with one another. But you know that if you really want to sustain your love, you have to keep your eyes on the prize. You need to be thinking long-term and that’s a clear indication of commitment.

9. You share your passwords and codes.

Your lives are practically an open book because of how close you’ve gotten to one another in your relationship. You have developed a level of intimacy and trust for one another that a lot of other couples try to emulate for themselves. You trust each other and you know that one would never betray the other.

10. You would willingly do anything for each other no matter how inconvenient.

You go out of your way for one another. You make sacrifices for each other. Your convenience is no longer your priority. You get more joy and fulfillment out of being there for one another no matter how inconvenient it might be.

11. You take each other into account before coming to a decision on anything.

Decision-making isn’t so simple anymore for either of you. You are constantly keeping the other in mind before you come to a decision on anything. You would never want to be rash or haste in your decision-making process because you want to make sure that your partner doesn’t feel left out.


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