11 Signs Your Man Is Giving Up On Your Relationship

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Relationships are tough. There are just so many things that you have to be thinking about. There are so many things that you need to be keeping track of. There are so many feelings that you need to process. Sometimes, it can get really overwhelming. But hey, no one ever told you that it was going to be easy.

This is exactly what you signed up for. This is the price that you’re going to have to pay for your love. And whether or not the struggle is worth it is entirely up to you. You are the one who has to decide if you are willing to go through the hardships of love just to be in a relationship with your man.

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However, the sad truth is that even if you’re willing to go through all the hardships for your relationship, your man might not necessarily be feeling the same way. And it’s true when they say that it really takes two people to make a relationship work. When one person isn’t invested in the romance, then you can bet that it’s likely that things aren’t going to last.

So that’s why it’s always important for you to be on top of your relationship. You must always know where your man stands in the relationship and whether he’s still in it or not. This way, if you feel like he is starting to waiver you can do something about it. Either you can try to fix the problems of your relationship, or you can help brace yourself for an imminent breakup so that it won’t hurt so much. Either way, you can’t afford to let yourself be oblivious to the state of your relationship. Here are some signs that your man is giving up on your relationship:

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1. He doesn’t make himself emotionally available to you.

He doesn’t really open himself up to you anymore. You get the feeling that he’s hiding a lot of things from you and he doesn’t really trust you with his feelings and his emotions as much as he used to. He is starting to act like a complete stranger.

2. He doesn’t run errands or do nice things for you anymore.

He used to always want to make you happy. He would do whatever he could to bring a smile to your face but those days are gone now. He doesn’t really invest himself into trying to make you smile anymore because your happiness doesn’t matter much to him.

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3. He criticizes you just to hurt you.

Criticism is fine in a relationship. There should always be room for criticism in a romance. However, it should be done with sensitivity, empathy, and love. But you notice that when he criticizes you, it’s only done to hurt you.

4. He doesn’t make you feel like he pays attention to you.

You always used to get the feeling like he was listening to you whenever you wanted to tell him something. But now, he makes you feel like whatever you say goes in through one ear and it goes right out through the other.

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5. He doesn’t express his love for you anymore.

The I love you expressions were always frequent and constant in the past. But nowadays, it’s just like he doesn’t even care about letting you know how he feels anymore whether through words or actions.

6. He spends more and more time away from you.

Instead of spending time with you at home, he is going to find an excuse to head out. He will say that he has errands to run. Or even if he’s just at home, he would rather be in the living room watching TV rather than spend time with you in the bedroom.

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7. He doesn’t care that he frustrates you often.

In fact, he’s probably doing it on purpose. He is trying to frustrate you to the point wherein you get sick of him and you are the one who decides to end things in the relationship.

8. He is always asking for space and privacy.

He is trying to separate himself from you as much as he possibly can. It’s as if you’re not even in a relationship anymore at this point.

9. He would rather hang out with you in group settings.

He is still willing to hang out with you so as long as it is done in a group setting. He can’t handle intimate settings with you anymore because he finds being alone with you really awkward and uncomfortable.

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10. He devotes more time for himself or his hobbies.

Remember that time is only devoted to the things and the people who are most important to us. So if he starts spending less and less time with you, it means that he doesn’t really consider you to be an important part of his life anymore.

11. He doesn’t make plans with you anymore.

He doesn’t include you in planning and decision-making. He’s completely acting like an independent body who doesn’t care about what you have to say or think.

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