13 Great Signs That Your Relationship Has A Healthy Sex Life

Sex. It’s different strokes for different folks. Not all of us are going to want the exact same things in the bedroom (and sometimes, in other places). Not all of us are going to want sex as intensely as others. It’s really different and it all depends on the individual. And as a result, sexual preferences can become very complicated. To add to the complexity of the whole situation, sexual preferences are also incredibly dynamic.

They are constantly changing and evolving the more exposed we become to different things. There are plenty of factors that go into shaping a person’s sexual preferences. It’s almost like an ideology and philosophy in itself with how people shape their sexual desires and practices.

And so when two individuals get into a relationship with one another, it’s absolutely imperative for these two people to familiarize themselves with each other’s sexual tendencies, patterns, and preferences. There has to be a kind of rhythm when a couple in a relationship starts becoming sexually active. And that smooth rhythm can only be established with familiarity and experience. And don’t underestimate the significance of establishing a sound sexual connection and rapport in a relationship. A healthy sex life can go a long way in actually maintaining and building the intimacy in a relationship. So how do couples exactly go about figuring themselves out in a sexual manner? Well, it varies from situation to situation. All couples have to figure that question out on their own because there is no definitive answer. We are all very unique and distinct individuals and we carry with us our own personal preferences and tastes.

So if you and your partner find yourselves in a healthy place sexually, you should be proud. Sex isn’t the only thing in a relationship but it sure does make up a significant chunk of it. But how do you know if your partner and yourself actually have healthy sex lives? Well, there are a few signs that you could keep on the lookout for. Here are 13 great signs that your relationship has a healthy sex life.

1. Regardless of the challenges brought about by distance, you still find a way to get sexual with one another. So if your partner just happens to have a business trip, you don’t have to worry about there being a break in your sexual routine. You still keep things going.

2. You never settle for a routine in your sex life. Yes, you have a few go-to moves that you can fall back on whenever necessary. But you also understand that exciting sex is about being able to mix things up every now and then. Neither of you fear change in the bedroom.

3. You don’t limit your sexual encounters to the bedroom. You know that things can get really exciting outside the four corners of the bedroom as well. You aren’t afraid of getting imaginative and creative.

4. You don’t really care whether the lights are on or not when you’re doing it because you are more focused on what you feel over what you see.

5. You talk about masturbation techniques so that you can get a better understanding of how to please one another.

6. You regularly talk about your most memorable sexual moments and you also talk about things that you could try in the future.

7. You are always consultative of one another. You aren’t afraid to be humble and ask how you do in the bedroom because both of you always want to make sure that you are doing the best that you can for one another.

8. You still willingly have sex with your partner even though you’re not necessarily in the mood. You do this because it means a lot for you to actually pleasure your partner.

9. Neither of you feel threatened by the idea of your partner finding other people attractive because you are both confident about the trust that you place in each other.

10. You aren’t really insecure about your partner’s exes or sexual history because you know that what you have going on right now is something worth treasuring.

11. You don’t pressure one another to stay away from other people of the opposite sex because you are both secure enough about your individual places in the relationship.

12. Every single time (or at least, most of the time) you watch a movie, you are always doing some below the belt action. You try your best to make sure that you don’t get caught and you just find a way of making the movie really exciting.

13. You are slightly excited whenever you argue or fight because you know that the makeup sex that you’re going to have when you make peace is going to be epic and amazing.