4 Mistakes You Make That Turn Men Off In Relationships

If you are reading this article, then it’s likely that you are someone who is interested in knowing what turns men off in relationships. You might be a woman who is scared of losing a man you might be dating. And that’s a good thing. It shows that you really value your relationship.

It shows that you don’t take your relationship for granted. Or maybe, you’ve just been recently single and you don’t know why your relationships just keep on failing. Perhaps you’re just so tired of being in failed relationships and you want to know what you keep on doing wrong.

Maybe you start dating a guy and you suddenly notice that he just stops texting you all of a sudden. Maybe he doesn’t respond to your texts. Maybe he stops answering your phone calls. You are so tired of being treated like this and you’re starting to freak out because you’re scared that you might not ever find love.

You might be on a few dates with a great guy and you think that you really have a chance at going somewhere. You think that you have some serious potential to turn your relationship into something special. But then, he suddenly starts acting all weird and you know that it’s your fault. You know that you are somehow to blame but you just can’t seem to pinpoint why.

That’s okay. You are a girl and he is a guy. You don’t really understand how his mind works. You don’t really know what might be going on with him and that’s why you have to resort to articles like this for you to gain a better perspective on the matter. You just need to maintain an open mind.

You need to understand that you aren’t always going to be able to predict a man’s behavior. That’s why you always need to heighten your senses. You need to be paying great attention to detail on your relationship and how he is reacting to whatever you do or say. It’s that kind of self-awareness that is going to help you manage your relationships better.

But still, even if you’re fully aware of what you’re doing and how you’re coming off, you might still need some help with determining how he’s going to react to the things you do and say. And that’s where this article is going to step in. If you really want to gain a better understanding of how a man might react to the things that you do, then you have come to the right place.

If you want to keep your man in your life, then you have to make sure that you avoid doing the following things. These are some mistakes that are going to make a man want to run away from you.

1. You focus too much on getting into a relationship.

Sometimes, you focus too much on the end goal that you fail to pay attention to the process as a whole. And you can’t do that. Instead of focusing on getting into a relationship with a guy, you should focus on establishing a bond and connection with him instead.

You need to focus on the process and the results are sure to follow. You just become so desperate for a relationship that your desperation might lead you to do all of the wrong things. And you never want that to be the case.

2. You turn your relationship with him into the only aspect of your life.

When you do get into the relationship with him, you can’t afford to be giving up your life as a whole. You still have to make sure that you maintain your sense of identity and individuality. If you end up losing yourself and you make the relationship your entire life, you risk having your man feel suffocated. You would be placing too much pressure on your relationship to the point that it breaks.

3. You willingly let him have everything that he wants.

You shouldn’t be so willing to give a guy everything that he wants. You still need to make sure that you are making him work for your love. You have to make sure that you make him chase after you. Guys don’t want things to be handed to them on a silver plate.

You are going to be able to make him appreciate you more if you actually make him work harder for your love. You have to make him realize that the best things in life never come easily.

4. You don’t stay emotionally honest.

Always stay honest with your feelings with him. Always stay authentic with him. Always let him know that you’re willing to stay true to who you are whenever you are with him. He isn’t going to want to respond to you if you are only going to be putting up fronts and facades.