5 Reasons Why The Libra Is The Most Committed Zodiac Sign

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The Libra. This is the Zodiac sign of those who are born between September 23 and October 22. To a lot of people, Libras are most popularly known as the peacemakers and the humanitarians of the Zodiacs. They are the ones who are always looking to promote peace, balance, and harmony in their relationships. They are very non confrontational and they really hate conflict. They get very uncomfortable with conflict and they would rather just keep their feelings to themselves than to cause a fight. Libras are also inherently very family-oriented. They always make it a point to maintain close family ties and they are very loyal to those with whom they share actual blood.

But not to say that they can’t be loyal to their friends either. Libras are also very loyal to the friends who prove themselves to be worthy of their loyalty. These Libra men and women will be some of the most dependable and reliable people you could ever get the opportunity of meeting. They are genuinely caring and they will always have your back whenever they can regardless of whether it’s inconvenient for them or not. Libra people have a generally thoughtful and kind personality. They are always looking to take care of the people they interact with on a daily basis. They also have a tendency to be quite protective of the people who mean the most to them.

However, there are certain downsides to a Libra’s personality though. Their kindness and thoughtfulness can often be misconstrued by other people as weakness. They often open themselves up to abuse and manipulation because of how trusting and kind they are to others. They find it very difficult to say no to people and as a result, they tend to end up agreeing to do things that are bad for the just to make other people happy. They are too thoughtful to the point that they end up neglecting themselves. But despite the downsides, anyone would still be lucky to be in a relationship with a Libra. In fact, there are substantial arguments that prove that Libras actually make for the best and most committed partners in a relationship. Here are some of those reasons:

1. Libras just have inherently loyal personalities.

You would never have to worry about a Libra being unfaithful to you in a relationship. Libras are inherently loyal and committed. They are practically the human equivalent of a pet dog. When they commit to you, they are really going to commit to you and you alone. They aren’t particularly fond of polygamy or open relationships. They like sticking to just one person and focusing all of their love and attention on a single entity. All of the love and affection that a Libra has to give will be dedicated solely to you and that’s what makes you lucky to be with a Libra.

2. Libras thrive off of making the people around them happy.

A Libra is always going to find happiness in making you happy. In fact, a Libra is going to consider your happiness to be their own as well. They will do whatever it takes to make you happy because that’s what they would consider to be their sole purpose in your life. They would never want to subject you to sadness or disappointment and they will always try their best to protect you from any of these negative feelings. Libras will always try their absolute hardest to make sure that a smile is constantly plastered on your face.

3. There are no limits to the depths in which a Libra is willing to love.

When a Libra falls in love they fall in love wholeheartedly. There are no limits to the amount of love that a Libra is going to give you in a relationship. A lot of people will call them foolish for allowing themselves to fall too fast too easily. But to a Libra, that doesn’t matter. When they’re in, they’re really all in and they are never known to hold back when it comes to love. A Libra is never withholding and they are always going to try their best to make sure that you feel loved.

4. Libras are warmhearted romantics.

You know that clich character in a romantic movie who can never seem to do any wrong? The Libra is the closest thing that you are ever going to get to that in real life. They are always acting tactfully and kindly. They are always mindful of how their words and actions can impact you and they are always making sure to say and do the right thing at the right time.

5. Libras are going to do their best to avoid conflict.

While some conflict is going to be necessary in all relationships, you can’t complain about having a partner who avoids conflict as much as possible. It’s a lot better than having a partner who is constantly trying to pick a fight with you about absolutely anything.

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