5 Signs He’s Just Not Into You (Even If He’s Texting First)

It kills to hear someone say “he’s just not that into you” when you’ve been trying to do everything to appeal to him. You’ve been trying to get to know him, you’ve been feeling hopeful and excited because you really like him. But, are you in a position where he’s not reciprocating as he should? Even when deep down you know he’s not meeting you halfway like a person genuinely feeling something for you would, you brush the doubts aside and run towards him anyway.

But, that doubt of “he loves me, he loves me not” will keep you up at night. It will keep disturbing you every day till you’re finally sure of it. It’s something you need to really be sure about and get out of the way before you go any further because when someone’s not into you, then there’s nothing you can do it. You cannot force someone to love or even like you. You make your peace with it. You can’t have them force the feeling of love and maybe them not liking you back doesn’t even have anything to do with you. No one has control over who they want.

A man may be very good to you in the beginning, he may be texting you back religiously, he may even be texting you the first hut don’t just fall for this quality straight away. Texting first, initiating a conversation can mean nothing if his intentions are tainted if he doesn’t want a special, serious relationship. Your best bet would be to drop the idea of after them and just wait for the person who will be entirely and unconditionally into you. What do you do to solve the mystery and decide what your next steps should be? You look into the signs that will tell you he’s just not as interested in you as you may think

1. He’s always too busy for you

He makes meeting you and spending time with you look like a huge favor. He’s always so busy with something or the other in his life that he can’t ever seem to find time for a date, a movie, lunch or anything like that. He makes organizing a meet-up look like a total nightmare. He’s going to change the timings and dates at least several times before finally settling for one. A day before the date, he will bail out on it, making every excuse one could think of. If a man makes the meeting you look like a chore he has no choice but to complete, understand that he’s not really all that into you.

2. His friends and family know nothing of you

He religiously keeps you miles away from his friends, family and from his life in general. He avoids being seen with you around people who know him and if by chance he is seen with you and he is asked about who you are he tells people you’re a friend or just someone he’s hanging out with. He has no plans of making room for you in his life. He doesn’t want anyone to know about you, and you don’t deserve that one bit. He doesn’t mean his words, steer clear from him and wait for someone who will be blindly into you. If that’s what you get from him making the first move to talk to you, know that it’s not at all worth it.

2. Every single time you mention the future, he blocks it out

If you ever broach the topic of a future with him, he makes it look like you’re being unreasonable. The future is up for discussion, and he’s going to do everything to evade your questions about the future. He’s going to change the topic, distract you from the conversation, tell you he’s not ready to talk about it. It should tell you he’s nowhere near sincere about you.

3. The only time you do hear from him, he’s wasted

At first, it’s okay if he comes to you after he’s really drunk, but if that’s literally the only time you end up hearing from him, it’s a huge red flag. This guy comes running after you when he’s drunk, tired, high and he’s just got done from a great night of partying. He almost never bothers talking to you when he’s sober and alone. Not when he’s drunk and alone. He’s just trying to end his night in the best way possible. He’s not into you any further than that.

4. Some other guy having his eyes on you doesn’t bother him


He remained and chilled out as ever when some other guy shows interest in you. It doesn’t worry him. He doesn’t see it as a problem. He apparently has zero sense of fear when it comes to losing you. Does it really matter if he calls or texts you first when he hardly cares about your presence in his life?

5. The only thing he’s really excited about is getting physical

Sure, he texts first and he’s great in bed, he’s super sweet when its time to under the sheets with him but other than that. There’s never a time when he’s not ready for sex, but if you ever need him to be available other than that, he’s going to avoid you and maybe just show only once in a while. He apparently doesn’t care about you unless for his physical need.