5 Signs That Your Relationship Is A Deeply Intimate One

You’re one of the lucky ones if you’re in a relationship like this one.

When it comes to getting into a relationship with someone, people’s expectations are always grand. They expect nothing left of magic sparks and fireworks whenever they’re around the people that they love. It’s always going to feel like it’s a grand spectacle because that’s what the movies have taught us to believe. Love is the grandest thing that anyone in this world could ever experience.

It’s what we try our best to stay alive for. It’s always been said that a life without love is a life not worth living. And for the most part, this is right. However, it’s also important to note that finding the right kind of love can be much like treading on dangerous waters.

For most people, it’s going to take a lot of trial and error before they chance upon the love story that they think they deserve. Most people are going to have to go through terrible heartbreaks or traumatic romantic experiences before they find the love that is worthy of them. These experiences, no matter how bad they are, will help shape and mold them to become better people in the realms of love.

It enables them to find out more about themselves and about what they want out of love. For the luckiest of people, for those who do manage to finally find the love story that they’ve been looking for; there should be no experience quite like it. It’s an amazing feeling to actually share a life with a person who loves you and who you love in return.

There is a level of intimacy that is present among all strong relationships that just warms the soul like a mug of good hot chocolate. For some people, they know instantly whenever they’re in relationships that are like this. For the cynics and the doubters, things can get a little complicated for them. It can be hard to tell whenever the relationship they’re in is genuine in their love.

Sometimes, a relationship can be too good to be true but this article is going to put your minds at ease. Here are 5 signs that your relationship is a deeply intimate one:

1. You don’t treat each other as some kind of science project.

You are accepting of each other’s flaws and you know each other’s limitations. Yes, you’ll try to push each other to become better people but you also acknowledge that there are limits to human improvement. You don’t ever try to change each other to the point where you become completely different people. You love each other unconditionally even despite all the flaws and the shortcomings. You know that your love is real because you feel perfectly at ease whenever you’re around each other.

You both know that no judgment could ever arise between the two of you because you don’t look at each other through that lens. You don’t try to experiment with each other’s feelings because there is a level of respect between the two of you that is rare in relationships.

2. You make an effort to make each other’s lives better and more fulfilling.

You always want to make your lives together as comfortable as possible. You are always thinking of each other and trying to come up with ways to find happiness together. You lift each other up whenever one of you is in need of a boost. You pick up the slack for each other whenever one is stumbling. You always have each other’s backs and you push each other to be the best possible versions of yourselves. And lastly, both of you know that neither of you could have ever gotten this far in life without the other. You always complement each other well.

3. You consistently engage in deep and meaningful conversations.

Physical attraction and intimacy are important aspects of a relationship, but that’s only one side of it. Mental, spiritual, and emotional stimulation is also just as important when it comes to relationships. The old adage holds true when they say that looks eventually fade, but the soul only grows more beautiful over time.

When you’re in a relationship with someone with whom you can have very deep, meaningful, and fulfilling conversations, then you’ve reached a level of intimacy that most others haven’t yet.

4. You share similar world-views and values.

It’s one thing to be able to freely converse with one another on deep and complex issues without fear of judgment. But it’s another thing entirely to share values and world-views on the most important aspects of life. It shows that there is a synergy between the both of you that will make a shared life much easier to bear.

It means that your partnership is built on high levels of chemistry and that you’re ready to face on life’s challenges together as a team.

5. You’re both reliant on each other, but you’re both also very independent.

You acknowledge the importance that you play in each other’s lives, but you also have profound respect for each other as individuals. It takes two distinct people to make up one relationship and you know that your individual strengths are what will make your relationship so strong in the future.

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