5 Ways Your Partner Is Cheating On You Without Having Sex

Cheating isn’t only about sex.

It’s still a wonder as to why a lot of people would want to cheat on the ones that they love the most in this world. It’s a crazy phenomenon that seems to be gaining traction day by day especially in these modern times. The act of engaging in unfaithful activities is a conscious choice that these individuals are choosing to make.

However, this unfortunate choice to engage in infidelity is counter-intuitive to the choice of being in a relationship. When a person chooses to commit to another person by establishing a real romantic relationship with them, why would they deliberately choose to jeopardize that commitment by cheating on their partner? When one chooses to deceive and lie, then that is a blatant betrayal of trust and an utter act of disrespect. There should be no room for that in any loving and honest relationship.

It’s not as if these people who cheat were compelled by greater beings. They were merely unable to resist the temptations brought about by their own psychology. No one ever really gets coerced into cheating. These things just happen on a conscious basis.

So what’s the point of getting into a relationship with someone if you’re just going to cheat on them? Why would you choose to deliberately break another person’s heart just because you couldn’t keep your relationship exclusive? There is a kind of cruelty and selfishness that is prevalent among cheaters and these are things that are detrimental to all relationships.

Of course, as human beings, we are all only mortal. We are all imperfect. We are all prone to a few stumbles and wrongdoings because we are all flawed beings. But even so, we should know better. If we are mature enough to want to get into a real romantic relationship with someone, we should also be mature enough to know that all of our actions have repercussions and we must always be mindful of how our decisions impact others.

No one ever really accidentally stumbles into a situation of cheating. It is a slow and deliberate decision that is grounded in selfishness and insensitivity.

When you choose to cheat on someone, you are also choosing to deeply wound that person someone who loves you deeply. And cheating should never be relegated to the mere act of engaging in sexual intercourse with a third party. There are many ways in which someone in a relationship could cheat and it doesn’t always have to involve sex. Physical infidelity is only one side of the coin.

Remember that there are a number of different facets that make up an entire relationship. When any one of these facets are compromised, then it is essentially compromising the entire relationship as a whole.

The physical facet of a relationship plays a huge part of a romance, but it’s not the entire story. There are so many other things that make up the integrity of a relationship and cheating is possible in every one of these aspects. That is how cheating should never be relegated to mere physical acts of pleasure. It can manifest itself in many different ways that don’t include sex at all. It’s just that the act of cheating through sex with another person is the most common and is frequently highlighted by the media.

But still, the fact remains that there are many other ways in which a person can cheat on their partner. Here are a few examples of those ways:

1. You refuse to respond to your partner’s phone calls and text messages.

This is a form of cheating because you are essentially letting your partner know that they aren’t worthy of your time. You are choosing to prioritize other superficial facets of your life while simultaneously neglecting the needs of your partner.

2. You bail on date night without any justifiable excuses.

When you do this, you are essentially telling your partner that you are too above them to give them a proper explanation as to why you can’t make it to date night. You are also telling them that you can choose to bail on them whenever you want.

3. You fail to realize that the relationship isn’t just about you.

When you are always acting selfish in the relationship, you are cheating your partner out of the loving and nurturing kind of atmosphere that they deserve to be experiencing from you.

4. You don’t really put in the necessary time or effort to make things work in the relationship.

Relationships aren’t something that you can just watch from the sidelines and expect to flourish. When you refuse to participate, you are cheating your partner out of the kind of relationship that you promised for them. When you commit to someone, commit wholeheartedly by delivering on your promises and by putting in the work.

5. You refuse to open up about all the plans that you have for yourself and for the relationship to your partner.

Lastly, you are cheating on your partner out of the futre that they want with you. If you have different plans about the future that don’t really reconcile with your partner’s, then be honest about it. Don’t get their hopes up by leading them on.

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