6 Problems That Come With Dating A Cancer Man

Before anyone gets offended at the topic of this post, it’s important to stress a few important matters. First of all, Cancer men are really great. They have so many positive attributes that they should absolutely be proud of. They have the potential to make really great boyfriends for a lot of women all over the world. In fact, it would take a whole day for a post to be written about the positive traits that a Cancer might possess.

However, like every other Zodiac sign, a Cancer man is someone who has some negative attributes as well. It’s not always going to be perfect. There are downsides to every human being’s personality. There is no such thing as a perfect person. But again, it’s important to stress that this isn’t an attack post against Cancer men. EVERYONE has imperfections. It’s just that some of these imperfections are unique to certain Zodiac signs.

So, you might be a woman who is in the dating market for a guy. You are trying to weigh out your options and a Cancer man has presented himself as a worthy candidate. Then this article is definitely for you. You always want to do your homework on what someone’s personality is like especially if you’re looking to get into a relationship with them. You don’t want to be blindsided by anything after all.

In relationships, the more prepared you are, then the better you will be able to handle issues and problems when they arise. So, if you are able to anticipate the potential problems that come with dating a particular person, the more prepared you are going to be to actually handle them.

Because the truth is that no relationship is ever going to be without its hitches and problems. All relationships are always going to go through their fair share of trials and tribulations. But that’s fine. Even the strongest couples are going to go through some rough patches. It’s really mostly about how well you are able to handle these problems moving forward.

And of course, every situation is going to be different. No two people are going to be exactly the same even when they have similar Zodiac signs. Now that all the disclaimers have been made, let’s get right down to the meat of this article. Here are the 6 major problems that come with dating a Cancer man.

1. They are human manifestations of emotional rollercoasters.

A Cancer man is the personification of an emotional rollercoaster. You are going to have to get used to being around a guy who has constant mood swings. He feels emotions very deeply and it’s because he is immensely sensitive.

2. Falling in love with him means having to love his mom too.

He loves his mom. And he loves you too. But you should not expect that he is going to willingly put you above his mother. It’s not going to work like that. He has a tendency to really latch onto people who are caring and nurturing. And a lot of the time, for a Cancer man, that’s his mother. He isn’t going to be replacing her with anyone so easily.

3. They have manipulative tendencies.

A Cancer man is going to have a few manipulative tendencies here and there. He might be someone who is keen on using feelings and emotions to his advantage. He is so in touch with your feelings because of how sensitive he is. And he might end up using your own feelings against you to get what he wants.

4. They are very clingy and codependent a lot of the time.

These Cancer men can become very clingy and at times, codependent. It’s funny because men are often deemed by many to be the independent one in a relationship. But that’s not always the case. A Cancer man is someone who is going to grow very attached to his partner to the point that he might cling onto them in an unhealthy manner.

5. You will never feel like you have him all figured out.

Just when you think that you have him all figured out, he goes and does something completely out of the ordinary. He is very unpredictable and it’s all because he is just inherently moody and emotional. He always lets his feelings drive his overall demeanor. That’s why you can never tell how he’s going to act unless you know what mood he is in.

6. He gets possessive and jealous a lot.

Remember that a Cancer man is very sensitive. And whenever he falls in love with someone, he gets really scared. He is afraid to lose that person. And as a result, he will try to hold on to that person with all of his might. He will also get threatened by other people easily because of how territorial he is as a partner in a relationship.