6 Signs that your partner is the right one

Let’s face it, it is the 21st century and life has become so fast and competitive, one has to be very cautious while getting into a relationship. A relationship takes a lot of time to reach a level where both man and woman trust each other to such an extent that they decide to get married and live the rest of their lives together. Nowadays, one cannot afford to waste too much time on the wrong person. Let us be practical and give it a thought. With a successful career and a full time job, can you afford to spend too much time on the wrong person?

Sometimes, there are certain personality traits in a person that are compatible with our personality types. At the same time, there are other traits which are not compatible with us and that is bad news. It does take an effort, initially, to find the right person and not mess up. Not everyone is always this cautious, some people just go with the flow and learn to compromise, but some people don’t have the compromising factor so they have to choose the right person at first shot.

We all have unique personalities and not everyone is compatible with us. Those who are compatible with us show a few signs that indicate that this specific person is the right one for us.

There are some traits which can be known as the good-partner traits and these traits are the best in a partner irrespective of what type of a person you yourself are.

Here is a list of few signs and traits which prove that the person you are dating is the right one for you.

1. Shows a reasonable amount of interest in your activities:

There are people who are interested only in their own life and activities and, at the same time, there are people who are a little too interested in your life and activities. The perfect balance is when the partner has an equal amount of interest in his or her own activities as well as in yours. They want to know about how your day was and what did you did all day and at the same time they don’t ask too many questions that may make you feel uncomfortable. It is like keeping an interest and giving you the space.

2. Emotional and physical boundaries are respected:

This partner will always respect your physical and emotional boundaries. There are a few people who want to be alone when they are not feeling good, instead of forcing such people to tell what is wrong, these kind of partners will let them recover a little and then talk about the problem. There are many other times when a person needs some emotional and physical space and those partners who give you that space are definitely worth the effort.

3. Has a good sense of humor:

Good humor has said to have saved many relationships in the past. Some people may believe that they don’t want a humorous person in their life, but we all need humour in life, otherwise life gets too dull. Different things make us laugh, and that depends on our personality type. Go for the partner who has a sense of humour that makes you laugh. Laughter is also said to be the best medicine, so choose your partner wisely in this case.

4. Takes care of oneself physically and emotionally:

This point can also be considered as the level of maturity of a person. Some people will not take care of themselves just to get your attention, it can get annoying at times and it may lead you towards mental stress. We all have our own physical and emotional mess to handle, which is why a person who is capable of taking care of his/her own self most of the time can be a compatible partner for you.

5. Knows how to resolve daily life conflicts:

Couples get in problems all the time, a perfect partner will be the kind who would know when you cannot resolve the problem and when you can. Such a partner will resolve the conflicts when you are not in the mental state of resolving them. At the same time, when your partner cannot resolve the conflict, you will be able to resolve it. This way a balance is maintained and it keeps the relationship safe. After all, compatibility is all about keeping a relationship successful.

6. An overall positive and optimistic outlook on life:

Having a person around you who is negative all the time leads to issues. Imagine a person with such high levels of negative energy. Such people have the tendency of making things negative for you as well. They don’t do it intentionally, but it just happens as their negative thoughts attract further negative emotions and that leads to problems and sadness in your life as well. If a person looks at life in a positive way and has an overall optimistic outlook towards life, such a person will be the best for you.

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So have you found a person who has at least 3 of those qualities? If yes, do you feel that they are the right one for you? Let me know in the comments below!