7 Signs Your Current Relationship Has No Future

If you’re in this kind of a relationship, you need to start packing your bags.

It’s pretty easy to spot a disheveled relationship; you cannot live a damaged, hurt life. It’s better to let go of a relationship if it brings you more pain than comfort. It might be a difficult decision to take but trust me; it’s going to be all worth it in the end, not only for you but for your partner too.

There are certain things a relationship just cannot function without. Is your relationship worth holding on to? Go through the list and see for your self.

1. No acceptance in the relationship

Acceptance is the foundation of lasting relationships. A good partner is one who accepts you for who you are, rather than transforming you into someone who he/she wants you to be. Everyone has their negative and positive traits, but a good partner would usually be more accepting of all your flaws. Your partner doesn’t have to enjoy doing things that are important to you, or things you love doing, but they shouldn’t criticize you or judge you for the things you love.

For instance, they don’t have to watch ˜The Vampire Diaries’ just because you are obsessed with the series; similarly, you don’t have to watch the whole football game with your partner if you find it boring. Respecting each other’s choices and accepting them is a crucial part of making a relationship work. If your partner gets irritated and constantly criticizes your choices in life, things as small as how you dress, walk and talk to people, how he hates when you wear a particular color, then perhaps it’s a warning sign that your relationship isn’t going to work out.

2. Lack of Empathy

A relationship isn’t only about staying with each other during the good times. We all face different kinds of stress and problems every day. We have tough days at work, sometimes we go through major health or financial issue.

A good partner would empathize with you, will try to help solve your problems, instead of getting irritated or pushing you away. If your partner refuses to offer you support during tough times, and stays aloof and withdrawn, it’s one of the biggest indicators that your relationship won’t work out in the future.

3. When you feel lonely in a relationship

It’s okay to feel lonely when you are single but if you still feel lonely when you are in a relationship, it means there’s something is awfully wrong. Signs to watch out for:

When you want to talk to your partner, they are not available. Your partner is not around to cheer you up after you have had a tough day. When you start feeling overwhelmingly lonely in a relationship and you feel your emotional needs are not met by your partner. These signs indicate that you’re done with the relationship; and you and your partner have no future together. 

4. You both are not on the same page

You will encounter problems when you and your partner are not at the same level (synchronizing) for instance, your partner wants to travel and explore the world, but you desperately want to get married and settle down.

If you think you are having conflicts and you two are often not on the same page, it’s time to sit down talk about your future. It’s perfectly alright if your interests differ from one another, and your partner’s future doesn’t involve you. At least you both would know if you’re not in the same boat.

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